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Spanish city shuns Brit 'Saga louts'


Hear, hear for Mr. Bermudez

Juan Manuel García Bermúdez declared: "We don't want the English who come over on cheap flights and do nothing apart from drink all day long. We only want tourism that will enrich the area."

And he gets slapped down by some local tourist establishments. Nice. He sounds like a smart guy to me. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to know that cheap flights = crummy tourists who cheapen and wreck a destination over time. And the hoteliers who have their panties in a bunch over Mr. Bermudez' comments should consider: they could start charging more for fewer tourists (in time of course) if they would work together to enrich the local offering.

Or they can keep churning out the mass-tourist drunken fool brit-touron fare that they apparently currently deliver.



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