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Insiders! The good news: Windows 10 Sandbox is here for testing. Bad news: Microsoft has already broken it


MS keeps forgetting they have "Slow" and "Release Preview" rings...

I'm on the Slow Ring and for the last two flights, I only start getting preview builds less than two months before release... There used to be an initial build two months after release of the previous version, one pre Bug Bash, one post Bug Bash, and one near release.

Detailed: How Russian government's Fancy Bear UEFI rootkit sneaks onto Windows PCs


Sprechen sie Deutch?

The link to the Frederic Vachon presentation is the german-dubbed one. It all sounds like a killer joke to me.

If you go to the official link https://media.ccc.de/v/35c3-9561-first_sednit_uefi_rootkit_unveiled , you can choose between audio versions and listen to the original audio on CCC's video player .

Sure, Europe. Here's our Android suite without Search, Chrome apps. Now pay the Google tax


What a case of dog bites man...

That's exactly the result desired by the EU. It means the policy is working as intended. It means Microsoft can now enter an agreement with an European manufacturer (harrumph Nokia) and sell "Android" with Microsoft Launcher, Bing and Edge, at a lower price than the Google version if Microsoft is willing to eat the cost (or at the same price, but preinstalling and offering 1 year of free Office365).

What a shame this couldn't have been done in time to save the market from having to choose between the cold embrace of a closed garden and the spiked embrace of a fenced garden.

Bloodhound Super-Sonic-Car lacks Super-Sonic-Cashflow


So is climbing the Everest. Or going to the Moon. Or replying to you.

"Because it's there".

Sync your teeth into power browser Vivaldi's largest update so far


Re: Sync

Vivaldi says they're working on releasing a local version of the sync server

Android Phones are 10: For once, Google won fair and square


Re: Other OS are available

Still needs GApps and GMS. Which then makes no difference to OEM Android, apart from not having proper binary-blob drivers for the bespoke hardware of your phone and living with crappy camera quality.


I would say the same for the Maemo reboot that shipped on the Nokia N9 about a year earlier than BB10.

Do not adjust your set, er, browser: This is our new page-one design

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It works in Opera Presto

So it's fiiiine...

Trainer regrets giving straight answer to staffer's odd question


Re: I wish I knew that 15 years ago

Re: M3710 turret

* Google "BT M3710 turret"

Lots of mobile phones

* Google "BT turret"

Oh, trading systems!

Find a result for "BT Meridian M2216/D turret"

* Google "BT Meridian"

Finally find a "BT Norstar Meridian Handset M*73*10N"

Is this it?

Kremlin hacking crew went on a 'Roman Holiday' – researchers



Quick, call Stob! It atent't dead!

Microsoft Teams goes free, as free as the wind blows... up to a point


Why do sheeple abandon their freedom?

Slack, now Teams, before AIM and ICQ, when IRC is perfectly reasonable, open, and free

Whatsapp and FB Messenger and Apple Messages when XMPP is perfectly reasonable, open, and free.

Tech people really like to enslave themselves - but hey, Google and Facebook make tons of money, so I guess that's OK

Forking hell. It's summer, and Windows 10 is already thinking about autumn


Re: Hmmmm

Having their own HTML renderer is the only way they can get a seat on the table and not be pushed out of the Web by others entending-extinguishing, like Apple almost did to mobile browsing with the proprietary extensions to Safari on iOS.

GitHub given Windows 9x's awesome and so very modern look


Re: Now, if only Git could work under Windows...

"it's a "how to" about application should never be written mixing languages randomly, using the wrong tools (bash scripts, really???), and designing something for your immediate needs only, without being able to look at the big picture"

That's almost every open-source application, ever, until a benefactor (Dell, IBM, Apple) comes in and starts pumping money and programmers to make it proper. As usual (withness OpenSSL) no such sponsor worries about the middleware. Maybe Microsoft can do it now.

A slick phone Linux for your pocket PDA? Ooh, don't mind if I do, sir


Re: All well and good

Only in a Crysis

Nintendo Labo: After a day spent fiddling with flaps, you may be ready to, er, Lego

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Meet the Frenchman masterminding a Google-free Android


Re: Google might drop Android anyway.

Fuchsia will be Android-compatible and include Play Services. It will NOT have a Linux kernel, therefore removing the last bit of european tech from mobile.


Re: Banks

If that was so important, the moment to act would've been when Nokia sold its soul to Microsoft leaving Maemo (direct ascendant of Sailfish) in a small rowboat (Jolla) to fend for itself. It's amazing that 7 years later we're trying to get out from under Apple and Google's thumb when we could've avoided it in the first place.

The eyes have it: 'DeepFakes' bogus AI-meddled videos outed by unblinking gaze

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Re: The eyes DON'T have it

That's the one I was talking about, but I was on my phone at the time and couldn't get the link to add to my post


Already taken care of

There will be a paper submitted to this year's SIGGRAPH (Justus Thies et al. 2018) with a method for manipulating pre-recorded video that animates the eyes separately.

PETA calls for fish friendly Swedish street signage


Re: Fishkill

Also, since IBMs R&D chip fab is there, I guess you're all set for fish and chips.

See icon.

Last night's net neutrality episode had some good one-liners but a repetitive plot


Do you think this is funny?

Well, do you?

I hope so, because unfortunately, it is. We may be laughing ourselves to death, here.

Systemd-free Devuan Linux looses version 2.0 release candidate



Will the single N900 owner with a working USB port install this and take a screenshot? I want to giggle like a little girl.

Let's kick the tyres on Google's Android P... It's not an overheating wreck, but UX is tappy



WebOS did it first, N9 did it better, can't say anything about BB10 because I never put my hands on it, but these johnny-come-latelies have latched into gestures as "the new thing" but they're retrofitting swipes into systems that have never been designed for them. They're the Nokia N97 of swiping.

Nvidia quickly kills its AMD-screwing GeForce 'partner program' amid monopoly probe threat


Re: Blimey

Funnily, it's a key no Mac laptop keyboard has had in a long time, maybe ever (you have to Fn-Backspace to get "delete")

Slack cuts ties to IRC and XMPP, cos they don't speak Emoji


Walled gardsns as the eye can see

Hey, Facebook Messenger also used XMPP once... But when users are the product, you don't want anyone to access "your" users without paying your toll.

Simples! Back to IRC.

Boring. The phone business has lost the plot and Google is making it worse


Re: Form factors

I only care if Nokia re-releases the N9. With Sailfish and the original UI.

Hubble Space Telescope one of 16 suffering data-scrambling sensor error


Bit-bucket ADC? For real?

How the heck are professionals not using 1-bit ADCs? You'll tell me they have a network of resistors next...

The Gemini pocket PC is shipping and we've got one. This is what it's like


The keyboard looks tasty, but...

I have some very bad memories of my Ericsson MC218 keyboard. The feedback wasn't very good (can't really describe how, but I just took it out again to check), it seemed that the keys wobbled a bit, and if you didn't hit the key dead center it would fail to register or have a horrible feeling to it.

I never had access to a 5mx to check if it was the exactsame keyboard or if Ericsson messed with it.

It's not TOO bad if you're thumb-typing in your hand, but horrible if index-typing on a table.

Good luck, have fun: Thanks Xeon SP, now SPEC benchmarks blurt out hundreds of results

Black Helicopters

Huawei-t, what?

Are there shenanigans afoot with that Huawei result?

Stephen Elop and the fall of Nokia revisited


Re: Android not the only option

Sailfish is the N9's OS without some the best UI ideas (which were patented by Nokia and sold to Microsoft) and an Android emulator.


Re: Why can't Elop take credit for his achievement?

The N9 was more finished than the iPhone 3G. Only the iPhone 3GS even approached "finished"...

The N9 was more slick and more "touch" than iOS ever was until the new iPhoneX "gestures"- and even then, whenever I have to use my iPad I scream at how dumb and clunky it is to jump and share items between applications.

I used my N9 for 5 years and it only stopped being my daily driver because I could no longer find good batteries for it. The N9 could've been the start of great things. Many Qt apps for Symbian would work with minimal changes, and vice-versa. Qt Quick was easier to develop for than Android "Java". Etc.


Re: Why can't Elop take credit for his achievement?

They were developing the right product, they just "forgot" to launch it.

They had a world beater in the N900 - it became "experimental"

They had a world conqueror in the N9 - it wasn't allowed to upset the Windows applecart

How's this for a stocking filler next year? El Reg catches up with Gemini



The only thing stopping me is knowing if the chipset can accelerate h.265 (and not knowing if Kodi android works properly)

Five ways Apple can fix the iPhone, but won't


Andy Orlowski strikes again

Andy, I love your contrarian views, but again and again you dismiss the Nokia N9, maybe because you're so invested in Nokia having broken Symbian that you also fail to recognize that Nokia stumbled upon something far better in the end.

Number 2 (a timeline of your events, social updates on a dedicated screen) appeared first on the Nokia N9's Swipe UI, not on BB10.

Also: swipe to multitask? Tap-to-Wake? OLED screen? Where have I heard that before?

No, Apple. A 4G Watch is a really bad idea


I'm served, thank you verrymuch

As usual, I found the perfect gadget for me and I'm just waiting for everyone else to fail to recognise its brilliance and leave me with an unsupported lump. As usual. Just like with the Nokia N9, you're all dumb.

It's called the Withings Steel HR. Looks like a proper watch, several weeks of battery life, health tracking (pulse, steps, workout logging, sleep tracking) and the main notifications from the phone.

Could it do more, like contactless payments, guided workouts, GPS tracking and bespoke apps? Not for thrice the price and ten times less battery life.

Firefox doesn't need to be No 1 – and that's OK, 'cos it's falling off a cliff



"It's hard to compete in a mature market if your main competitor has access to billions of dollars worth of free marketing."

Crow-eating time for anyone that associated Opera's small market share with code quality.

Opera 12 still reads The Register.

Google ships WannaCrypt for Android, disguised as Samba app


Android suffers from SMB1-infection and it's because of Samba

The Kodi community has been suffering from SMB1-only support in Android and now that most sane people have forcibly disabled SMB1 on their fileservers or NAS, Kodi can't connect (current fix: use an NFS export, hence nuclear icon).

According to Kodi developer's it's Samba's newer code supporting SMB2 that has some kind of cross-platform compilation issue that just keeps it from working on Android. According to someone from Team Kodi on the Kodi forums, "courtesy of samba by changing build system to something incredibly broken for cross compiling. We're debating and working on upgrading samba on and off for a while now."

Google could've a) added some compatibility shim to enable this cross-compiling to happen; 2) work with Samba to create a standard SMB2 library that worked in Android; 3) create their own SMB2 client implementation for Android.

Silly me, just repack Samba's code and job's a good'un!

Ouch! Latest Qualcomm sueball comes from ... its own shareholders


Can I haz sueball too?

I think I have grounds to sue because of the unceremonious dropping of support for the Snapdragon 801

The real battle of Android's future – who controls the updates


Sometimes it's not really the OEMs fault

Qualcomm simply refused to update the Snapdragon 80x drivers to Android 7. And the 80x was a flagship chip. It killed a lot of of phones, even a Sony phone that had an OFFICIAL Nougat beta ROM that had to pulled in the 11th hour.

Backup crack-up: Fasthosts locks people out of data storage for days amid WCry panic


"Some were IT consultants for small business"

So, has Pottsy been affected? When is he going to give us the low-down on this?

Samsung was just Tizen – homegrown Linux again pitched at n00bs


Re: Eh?

The Linux kernel in Android is several steps removed from the master code, and most android versions are running ancient and outdated kernel versions.

Google just took from Linux the same way they just took from Java, and gave nothing back.

Sweaty fitness bands fall behind as Apple Watch outpaces sales


Withings SteelHR for me

If you don't look too closely, it's just a watch. Still tracks my activity and gives me notifications.

What a To-Do! Microsoft snuffs out Wunderlist


I got what I wanted in the end

What I wanted was an Outlook.com Tasks client for Android that would sync up with Windows 10. The only option on Android was the paid version of Blackberry Hub+, and NOTHING in Windows 10 (apart from desktop Outlook - oh you mean that for those without Outlook a note-taking app called OneNote was supposed to do tasks instead of the PIM suite? Really?)

Now get some integration going. When I write "call Geoff", show me a dropdown of all the Geoffs in my contacts and let me link one of them.

FreeNAS sheds storage skin, tries on sexier hyperconverged garb


Re: What's in a name?

Since they're supporting VMs and containers, Corral must be a nod to the "cattle, not pets" server deployment buzzword very much in fashion nowadays. I'm kinda reluctantly grumbling in approval.

The Psion returns! Meet Gemini, the 21st century pocket computer


Missed it by some years

Look around the usual places for Nokia N810, N900 and N950.


Form-factor is wrong to be a mobile phone

To be a usable mobile phone, the clam-shell would have to open the other way around and show the screen on the TOP face when closed. Think N900 or N950.

This is a PDA. It needs a RemixOS port on the Android side and a well-supported Linux distribution on the other side.

(As much as I do pine for Harmattan or Sailfish on the Gemini, it would be a square peg on a round hole)

Two words, Mozilla: SPEED! NOW! Quit fiddling and get serious


That Forward button nobody uses

Unless, of course, it also works to move to the next page in an article, a forum thread, or a list of pictures.

Called FastForward and one of the better innovations of (old) Opera.

(I also don't use the buttons - why would I, when I can left-click and right-click)

Coming to the big screen: Sci-fi epic Dune – no wait, wait, wait, this one might be good


I'm only interested in seeing Jodorowsky's version

Too bad he's set for 3 more autobiographical movies. At one each two years, we'll never make it alive.

How Apple exploded Europe's crony capitalism


Re: I don't think this is a fair criticism of GSM at all

No, just a lack of managerial inability for recognizing that all the hard work on the advanced Linux-based devices (the Nokia Internet Tablet line) had finally fused them with very good telephony and they had a winner with the N9.

IBM: Why our Power9 CPU is going to make data centers great again


Are you sure those x86 percentages are right?

I'm seeing more like 3-4% between Sandy Bridge and Haswell... Unless you're counting MOAR CORES or very specialized applications for which Intel has developed special instructions.


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