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Main BBC channels to be broadcast live via web

Brian Clarke
Black Helicopters

License fee?

I sincerely hope there will NOT be a license fee for 'owning a PC capable of streaming live BBC TV' as the current TV license is enforced for 'equipment capable of receiving live TV'. That would be like asking every motorist to pay the M6 toll because he owns a car 'capable of being driven on the M6 toll road'. Surely the BBC can see that not everyone that owns an internet capable PC is out to avoid paying a license fee (can't they?).

On the other hand if BT could get my internet speed high enough to actually stream live video I might consider the fine a worthwhile investment!!!

BBC fixes BT Home Hub auto-vomit bug

Brian Clarke

@Anonymous Coward

No, just buy the Draytek!

Cheap and reliable form unnatural bedfellows at the best of times when your perimeter security and connection reliability are at stake.

On a small tangent; is it only me that objects to the BBC using my bandwidth bit torrent style on iplayer or did I misread that bit?

Counterfeiters told to pay Symantec $21m

Brian Clarke


"You could just email the file over, get them to run it and enjoy the fact that at least Symantec can write a program that actually does uninstall everything they ever made."

Well *nearly* everything, it won't remove PCA for instance. But I agree it is the *only* tool that removes NAV, the uninstaller certainly doesn't!

Buy Kaspersky it's much better. :)

Microsoft wins seven figure sum from distie

Brian Clarke

Even their distis don't understand it

M$ licensing distis frequently don't understand the licensing 'model' what chance have mere mortals. I agree with Alan Donaly!

Another ISP throttles bandwidth

Brian Clarke

Unfair contract terms?

Does this means we can cancel our contract due to variation by Nildram?

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