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Apple's FaceTime for Mac debuts with security holes



If someone has physical or virtual (VNC) access to your mac then I presume that your itunes account would be the least of your worries.

This is a huge non-problem. Either the attacker has to use malware to plant remote login software or someone has to have physical access to your mac. Unless the first method of attack (malware) has been proven and is currently wild then the only people who can take advantage of this 'security hole' are those around you everyday.

If someone has physical access to your mac then the likelihood is that you'll have auto-fill/autologin enabled on loads of sites and therefore they'd be able to reset your account anyway.

Basically this is a bug not a security lapse - just as it would be if it occurred on any other platform.


Mandybill: All the Commons drama



Why not spend the money that's going to this on incentives for media companies to get their stuff online and create new business models. Just look at the options for watching movies - iTunes and....pirating.

Why not create a Steam style shop where you can buy films and have your collection available where ever you are? Oh no, deep packet inspection is obviously the way forward.

People will always pirate is this good - no, of course not. However it's like Police who go after the guy selling some drugs to his friends instead of the guys who are importing it. Going after this little guy is a waste of time and doesn't actually stop piracy (look at sweden's IPRED law) - all it does it make money off consumers (some completely innocent).

A step in the right direction is seesaw.com - basically an aggregator for UK online on-demand services.


Drought effect on rainforests is negligible


The IPCC again?

How people can still believe a word these so-called 'experts' say it beyond me.

Here is how I see it: climate change is happening - just as it has since the earth began. I don't believe that it is human driven in the slightest.

Ignoring that, I still believe that green energy is the way to go. I'm fed up of all these ridiculous claims being purported by the media. We should want renewable energy for the sake of having renewable energy, not because some heavily subsidised scientists or hardline environmental groups say the world is going to end in a few years.

Why not take the money away from scientists who are paid to find the many ways humans are supposedly altering the earths weather patterns and put it into proper energy research. The world will change regardless of whether we change with it, we should think about the future of housing, food production and power generation instead of wasting pointless hours on trying to prove or disprove human involvement.


Adobe apologizes for festering Flash crash bug


Apple didn't create the flash plugin...

...so why blame them?

Flash on mac is poorly coded anyway and this has nothing to with apple, more the laziness of adobe. All the CS4 products (demos) crash on my mac and Flash often decides that a simple 2D game needs 80% of my CPU (3.06GHz Core 2 Duo).

According to you logic I could import some low quality tire for my car then when it went flat blame the car and buy a new one.

I'm not just on about Macs either, it's the same with AVs on Windows - so many of them have bad coding which makes them run incredibly slow .



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