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Will Microsoft parachute Windows 7 in early?

Anthony Metcalf

RE: How do I count thee?

At a guess....

Windows 9: 3.x, 95 (4), 98 (4.5), 2000 (5), ME (4.6), XP (5.5), Vista (6), "Vienna" (7).

Based on Codebase, i.e. jump to 32 bit dropping the non-nt kernel base, security re-writes as major version increases.

Saying that, the numbering scheme should really ignore 3.5 and 9X/ME as the current code base is from the NT4 tree, and hence uses that numbering scheme. It happens to co-incide well though.

(and yes, it too some jiggery-pokery to get the numbers sensible, then work backwords to what MS would think are reasons for a major version jump.

Question is, what will make & different enough from vists to be called a major version jump?

Virgin Media downed by Manchester arsonists

Anthony Metcalf


I didn't know that Rossendale was in Manchester? Or maybe my Virgin Internet service being out between 8pm and 10pm was a different matter....?

Maybe the headline should be "Lancashire" not "Manchester"...

Sick Brit yobs graffiti dog

Anthony Metcalf


"American Pitbull"....."defenceless animal"

I am not seeing how these two go together?

Post Office strikes with broadband delivery

Anthony Metcalf


Hah, we scan all incoming post, they would need *more* posties to do that!!

MEP plans EU build ban on cars faster than 100mph

Anthony Metcalf


Two things.

1) hitting a car, head on, at 60mph, which is also doing 60mph, is the same as hitting a wall at 120mph......

So we need the added "saftey" weight (in the same way as your "hitting something bigger argument").

2) Building a new car, puts out more emissions than even the worst car will output in it's driving lifetime, dur to the horrible-ness of extracting things like Al....

So, we are to help the environment, by damanging the environment? At the same time, making cars less safe?

Sounds like a plan!

Physics GCSE: 'insultingly easy, non scientific, and vague'

Anthony Metcalf

To MrWeeble

It doesn't matter *where* you are schooled, you still sit (mostly) the same exams!!!

Another ISP throttles bandwidth

Anthony Metcalf


"use FTP [file transfer protocol] and NNTP [network news transfer protocol] to synch up between offices. [They] really screwed us badly as we had no warning at all to make alternate provision and move provider"

"This weighting allows us to preference interactive traffic such us HTTP (Web), VoIP and VPN "

Does this mean your "correspondant" doesn't have a VPN for traffic between offices, over the internet? Or is the FAQ lying?


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