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Google vanishes 'DroidDream' malware from citizen phones


malicious maliciousness

'malicious malware applications' just doesn't work here, they're either `malicious applications', OR `malware`, or maybe, just maybe 'malware applications'.

Either way, their is no reason to double up on the mal-modifier.

Dell ordered back to court in laptop dustup



...something Dell's no longer do!

Seriously though, I have a Dell that has served me extremely well over the years (see: 1501), purchasing an 'upgrade' from dell (see: 1721, I think) about two and a half years into its life saw me, and see's me, using the original to this very day.

I now would not recommend Dell to anyone, simply because of their outputs recently - I do get one kick out of it though, being that I can loan out this irritating Delltop to my ex; I just know she'll get frustrated using it. :s

'Get yer coat' icon, because I'm turning mine.

Climategate witchhunt fingers scientist

Dead Vulture

Denier, question mark indeed.

Denier, or denialist?

Headstone, because understanding is dead and buried.

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