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Suspected Chinese NASA spy smuggled smut not state secrets

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Kudos America

We should congratulate Rep. Frank Wolf for his outstanding effort in stopping the illegal exportation of America's most prized cultural posessions - porn.


Gone in 30 minutes: Chinese tweets purged by army of censors


Sina as a private company has right to set/enforce own content policy

Wait, does the study demonstrates factually Sina's content review system is directly access and managed by the Chinese government?

The fundamental flaw with this type of conclusion assumes that Sina, as a private company, is incapable of setting and enforcing it's own content review policy. How is this any different than likes of cnn.com and npr.org reviewing and removing my comments?


Chinese PLA soldiers 'mastermind cyber-espionage Cold War'


Do you guys still remember two years ago NYT accused a Chinese vocational school, Lanxiang Vocational, being a military hacker central? If you recall that school churned out cooks and hair dressers, and the Chinese netter made a "Lanxiang is more awesome than Harvard" meme in response.

Well guess what, try searching "61398部隊" on Baidu, you‘ll see Unit 61398 is well known for running a montessori school in Pudong, Shanghai's east side where rich locals and expats flock to, for quality pre-school education.

I guess if hair dressers can hack Google, above average pre-schoolers can certainly hack the US government.

There are other issues with the story. The Madiant report makes some very dubious assertions: 1) geolocation using China Telecom IP blocks is completely unreliable; Pudong is a huge area and those IP blocks are known to host great many proxy servers (ref: hidemyass dot com); 2) Injecting meaning of letter "j" and "k" in order to make Chinese pattern is simply fabrication (J and K has meaning in the English world too, so?)

Read more: http://www.businessinsider.com/china-hacking-pla-unit-61398-2013-2#ixzz2LMsmeL5i


'Aurora' code circulated for years on English sites

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Additional problems with "China Code" Claim

1) Mr. Stewart seems to have neglected the fact variable names are truncated or stripped out during code compilation when he alluded to a variable name in the Aurora machine code. There is absolutely no link between the "crc_ta[16]" variable he identified as Chinese, and the machine code in Aurora.

A slightly different Google using "crc_table[16]" as keyword turns up many such code examples outside China:


2) On closer examination of Mr. Stewart's citations, the alleged Chinese white paper containing the CRC algorithm, and code snippet found by Googling "crc_ta[16]", both turned up different code than what's in Aurora.

Specifically, the Aurora code contains a 12-bit shift optimization (found as early as 1988 according to The Register article):

crc16 >> 12

however the code passed around in Chinese sites is unoptimized code using two divisions:




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