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Sidcup massive threatens Reg hack

Jonathan Stowe

Sidcup massive

And there I was thinking that Sidcup was quite genteel .....

Apple slashes iPhone prices

Jonathan Stowe

The Sport Of Kings

I'd like to get an early vote in for "Trolling Apple Fanboys" to be made an Olympic sport.

I never thought I would find frothing so entertaining.

Land Registry denies ID fraud risk

Jonathan Stowe


The anti-ID spokesman quoth: "as signatures are used less and less as a form of authentication, ", what you mean like, er, ID Cards perchance?

USB Mini Fridge drink chiller battles booze?

Jonathan Stowe

There's hope yet

Of course it could quite adequately house one of those small bottles of continental lager that one got on a booze cruise - and if one wanted to stay with the premium strength, I guess a bottle of Duvel or Chimay might fit ....

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