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UK taxman told to chill out 'cos loan charge is whacking tax dodgers and whoopsies alike


Yet no one bothers about government ministers and MP's

They get a property, usually a pretty pricey one, paid for by the state, no indication whether HMRC sees it as BIK or not. Yet they are allowed to 'flip' these properties and pocket the proceeds. Again no indication of whether the HMRC get's it flesh. Same with Osbornes trip to the World Cup, at Googles behest. Was this a BIK? Yet, Google then get a sweetheart tax deal.

Yet, the honest joe trying to keep his family out of the foodbank, gets crushed.

Yet through all this its all about people paying tax. No one ever mentions those that spend that tax on pish poor schemes that perhaps benefit them when they are no longer politicians with directorships, but no real benefit to the taxpayer. So, do you feel for all the tax you pay, this government or any government for that matter, gives good value?

Bloke fined £460 after his drone screwed up police chopper search for missing woman


Laws for the Lawful

This country is wrapped up in a stigma of 'drones are bad'. Yes, the internet is full of drone muppets, its also full of idiots who climb buildings they shouldn't be climbing. Cars being driving at speeds they shouldn't be driven at. etc etc. This is the first case, there will be many more. Yet, the overall dislike of drones on this thread is I am sorry to say, pretty typical of todays news reporting. When was the last time you saw good being done by dronws

There are idiots who drive cars, should those be banned? There are idiots who use power tools. ban those too? Muppets who climb these tall buildings? should we ban tall buildings too?

Legislate all you like, this will only affect the lawful. The muppets amongst us, will do their own thing. Unfortunately, they will spoil it for all concerned.

In this case, clear violation of ANO, fine levied was insufficient. However, new drone registration rules will help here. Also, the work being done by Vodafone for identification of drones in use will help too.

How much do you think Cisco's paying erstwhile Brit PM David Cameron?


Re: Who is interested enough to hear these planks?

Is it charisma they have? Or is that just pre-election? Or pre-vote?

Afterwards, I would put it down to Bullshitting ability.

I wonder why there was never a set of MP Top Trumps.

I'd start with Charisma (Bullshitting ability), Intelligence (how well they line their own pockets with the countries money), Empathy (how much they care aboutt their constituents post election.

Anyone care to dance with any more?


Who is interested enough to hear these planks?

I am amazed that anyone wants to listen to these has-beens or perhaps in some cases never-was's. They are legends only in their own minds and as often happens with politicians (and ex-politicians) they mistake activity for success.

The title question stands, whose life is actually vacuous enough to warrant listening to these types, let alone paying a wodge of cash to listen to these types.

Motorola Z2 Force: This one's for the butterfingered Android lovers


Yeah yeah yeah, features, yeah, camera yeah. Security UPDATES?????

UK Ministry of Defence splurges £280,000 on online 'good ideas' form


Wonder which politician is a director/shareholder of K2 then?

US, UK cyber cops warn Russians are rooting around in your routers


What's on at the cinema?

At this rate The Iron Giant will be getting another cinema tour.

Brit semiconductor tech ended up in Chinese naval railgun – report


... and the reactors?

Big hoo-ha here. Yet there's no problem in taking Chinese money to build us nuclear reactors? Aye, and they think that the chinese won't have an off button for the cooling systems of those?

Makes a bit of railgun tech seem a bit well, meh?

Hypersonic nukes! Nuclear-powered drone subs! Putin unwraps his new (propaganda) toys


More Weapons - Snow Way!!!

So, writing from a snow clad Scotland, I say why the hell does Mr Putin need these weapons? Obviously to screw up the UK all he needs is a fecking big snow machine. Job done. Trains off, schools shut, supermarkets bare.

Taxed to feck, charged to feck, country gone to feck.

Have a good weekend all.

Morrisons launches bizarre Yorkshire Pudding pizza thing


What will the Scottish Branches do with it?

Being a Yorkshireman who lives in Scotland, my concern lies with the actions of the local chippy, who may take this Yorkitalian delicacy and deep-fry the bugger....

UK government bans all Russian anti-virus software from Secret-rated systems


Wasn't it Kaspersky that the UK Spooks said they had real difficulty breaking through? I am sure it was reported here on El Reg. While back mind.

So, just suppose they STILL can't break it, neither can Uncle Sam and lets suppose it is after all just a good old AV product with no links to the Russian government.

Would it be a good way to stop people using the product you can't break by telling everyone its linked to a foreign government? Just saying...

New HMRC IT boss to 'recuse' herself over Microsoft decisions


Thought it already was? Those guys running it get sweetheart tax deals and take morons to sporting events.

Microsoft plugs Xbox One consoles into its cloud - what could go wrong?


If Apple had done this....

It would be so inspired. There wouldn't be any talk of it falling over, just how wonderful the service was and how much life is better because of it.

Register, you report Microsoft stories like the Daily Express reports the weather.

Three's UK mobile network goes down on unlucky northerners


Does it really matter?

I am a relatively new 3 customer. The signal on the 13th was fine as I was in Glasgow in the morning. However, it began to drop out in the afternoon as I returned towards Edinburgh, it was confusing as data seemed to be fine. To be honest, this is my first 'issue' with three and it wasn't too much of a problem. More of a concern that my handset was wonky, relieved in a way it was the network. Perhaps they are testing their 'true' 4G network, not that this will offer much over the current H+ speeds. Rock on three, you're ok in my book.

Next Xbox to be called ‘Xbox Infinity’... er... ‘Xbox’


Always On?

Personally the always on idea doesn't bother me that much, I have a couple of Virgin Tivo's and they are effectively always on, to virgin anyway.

What concerns me more is the fact that the onboard Kinect v2 can theoretically examine a room and determine how many people are in it when watching a movie and duly charge for each person watching. If this turns out to be true, Virgin media will be getting my money for latest releases even if they aren't in full HD.

Orange is the new TalkTalk of the broadband complaints league


Re: Is there a GOOD broadband provider?

I am in the camp of not being able to fault Virgin Media. Here in Scotland they are excellent. I have been with them for over 10 years, I have 2 Tivo's, 120Mb BB, 2 phone lines. The service is excellent and I can honestly say that in the time I have been a customer I have had less than 1 fault a year. For mobile, I use Three now , as I am running down an Orange contract for 4 phones after their in contract price hikes and their orange care price increase of 30%.

I think that Orange are putting the EE into GREED.

Not got 4G? There's a reason we aren't called 'Four', sniffs Three


They don't need to be 4G'ing ahead.

As a new Three user (from Orange after those in contract price increases and then a 30% hike in the price of Orange care) I am really pleased with the Nokia Lumia 920 and the speed of the network. Got myself on a 'all the data you can eat' plan too. Now I don't worry about watching Netflix. The downloads speed I get are all in excess of 10Mb/s so I am not in a rush for the 4G, especially given that after my home broadband went from 10Mb/s to 20Mb/s I never noticed it except when downloading from MSDN. Joys. Yes really pleased so far with Three and the Nokia Lumia 920 is a great phone.

US taxman joins UK politicoes on hunt for Amazon cash


Re: Corporate tax dodgers

It would be exactly what it is now. If every company in the land paid all the tax that was due, the country would be no different, with the exception that politicians would have awarded themselves their 50% pay increase.

Do not underestimate the capabiltiy of politicians for pi$$ing money out of the UK's coffers.

Long-suffering Virgin Media victims see no end to vid PURGATORY

Thumb Up

Can't fault my connection

I use iPlayer, netflix across a multitude of devices. Haven't seen any buffering lately, certainly nothing in last 3 months. Regularly watch feature films on my xbox as I can get full 1080p from that where I can't from any other device as no one else seems to broadcast 1080p.

So, I guess I am lucky, VM have been great in my area (West Lothian).

Paid secur-o-ware is generally better than free, but not always by a lot


Are only those who advertise with Dennis publishing the ones that get reviewed?

Is there any bias in this test? There are so many excellent anti virus products that aren't even mentioned in this test so I think the grain of salt is probably quite accurate. For a real breakdown of anti virus software I have always worked off the recommendations of the Virus Bulletin Awards or VB100 site at http://www.virusbtn.com/vb100/index

Far more concise and seems to include all the players, not just those companies with £M's to spend in advertising.



iPhone Green

Does this mean Apple now have their first colour patent ?

Don't panic, but UK faces BLACKOUTS BY 2015


Yet, still the UK refuses to look at Thorium

how convenient the blackouts start very shortly after everyone gets a smart meter installed.

Yet, as a country with still reasonable supplies of coal, we refuse to look into using Thorium as a fuel, one that cleans up its own waste.


Or is it just that the politico's haven't managed to work out how to get the kickbacks from the energy markets into their personal and party fund accounts?

Why British TV drama is crap – and why this matters to tech firms


It's not crap and you better be right with the US drama you watch.

Why the hell does the mention of the word Google, immediately draw the comments off the subject? If ever there was a company without direction, there you are.

Line of Duty has been excellent. Whether its made for the home audience or not, its been refreshing. However, likewise the US drama's are good, You have to choose carefully though, because if those US drama's dont get the 50B viewers for every episode, you probably won't see the story out to the end. Anyone remember Fast Forward, that I thought was excellent, but no, canned. Body of Proof, thoroughly enjoyable, but it took considerable facebook pressure to keep it on for a 3rd season and that season is coming with major cast changes. Falling Skies, great idea, concept and season 2 was seriously struggling for story until the little chippie in the biplane turned up. I wonder if having Mr Spielberg on the design team will be enough to see a season 3.

Even CSI Miami dies this year and that could have just run forever.

Look at Silk, excellent, personally can't stand lawyers and you want to believe that Martha's type do exist but again short series because money is obviously tight and there are BBC exec expenses to pay. The jewel in the crown was always Spooks, the original team but even the transition to new members was well handled. Even that had to be closed down.

Doctor Who, has become, well something that could well have been directed by Google, directionless.

Here's hoping that those 24 channels that the BBC has opened for the Olympics don't cause the drama budget to be cropped even further.

Smart meters are 'massive surveillance' tech - privacy supremo


Yes, I believe that Curiously is correct. Given that the recent governments have done nothing with the energy marketplace other than likely bury themselves in utility company shares, they are unlikely to do anything either. Cycled blackouts will likely become commonplace which you may be able to 'buy' your way out of. Also those suffering hardship will lose the lights likely without even been told when.

Oz sysadmin says Windows 8 not ready for business

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Is business likely to want Win 8 anyway?

Just kind of thinking about my customer base, there are still some who haven't moved to Win 7 and those who have are not even considering Win 8. Those who haven't moved to Win 7 will do this year. Given the amount of work that such a project involves I respect a business decision that says we will maybe look at Win 9 or even Win 10. Win 8, personally I find the release candidate to be really nice, but I belong to neither of the Church of the Fruity nor the Church of The Penguin. I was massively disappointed in the february customer preview but the release candidate for me has struck my interest. The apps are better and to be honest it looks great. So, those who cannot really find anything good to say will grab onto their only real beating stick and that is enterprise use, which I solidly believe Microsoft know they won't win over so haven't really pushed to please. The consumer has been the major play over the last few years with the various technologies and welcome Microsoft to that arena. Those who consider that the penguin will make it to the desktop in 2013, well I think that was said in 2012, 2011, 2010....2003.....

iPlayer repeat fees threaten BBC earthquake


It seems that we weren't actually meant to use iPlayer

Having read this post and also the one where the politician moots licencing PC's (that could only come from a politician) it actually sounds to me like iPlayer wasn't created to actually be used. Now that it is being used, and used to some length by the sound of it, it seems to have become a problem.

Let's get a playing field level first of all, Virgin is a supplier of media services, it isn't a broadcaster in the sense that the BBC is, for that matter, neither is Sky, although Virgin once held a holding in a company called Crown Castle IIRC and they were responsible for the UK channels, (Gold, Living etc) Sky does have it's own channels and it finances some of its own material but essentially is a media provider. So, I think compairing the BBC, to Sky and VM is not really apples with apples.

So, I have to ask the question, was iPlayer actually meant to be used?, as it seems to have become such a success it is now considered that it's worth monetizing something that has already been paid for by those who would be expected to monetize it again and again.

'Porn lock' heralds death of WikiLeaks, internet, democracy, universe


Will Politicians be included?

Thinking back to the old mantra of scandal that if it's sex it's the conservatives, if it's money it's labour and if it's something that no one really cares about then it's liberal.

Can we have a declaration then that policians have their internet status divulged along with their earnings and expenses.

In fact can we have it trialled for 5 years on politicians alone before the populous gets it?

MOON SHRINKING FAST - shock NASA discovery


Nothing to do with LHC or Moon Bombing

Can't everyone see it? The problem is climate change, the moon is shrinking because of climate change on earth.

After all, every other single damn problem that exists is because of climate change or the politicians next gravy train.

Anyhow, it's POETS day. Jog On.

Alreet, Apple!


Didn't apple used to have stores?

Used to call them AppleCentres, that's back in the day when they thought they were a business brand because British Gas and BP bought a couple. Now all they do is electronic prada in form of music boxes and computers who their owners defend to the world out of fear they bought the wrong computer.

There was an AppleCentre Newcastle and an AppleCentre Northeast back in the day.

ho hum how the reality distortion field of Apples Master does increase....

Anyone remember the Mac Clones..... bwa ha ha.....

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