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MOS-SAD: Israeli govt weighs in on Facebook privacy, promises action



"As a western democracy..."

Really? So the rights of your Arab citizens are fully respected then?

Munich council finds €49.3m for Windows 10 embrace


Re: €49.3m for Windows 10

Oh come off it. Anybody with any experience of previous versions of Windows (or a recent Linux distro even!) can use Windows 10, it ain't exactly difficult to adapt to! If Munich had decided they were moving over to Apple Macs, you would probably all have said diddly sh*t about it - coz Apple is cool innit!

Sorry, I know that it won't sit well with some people but the reality is that MS have done a good job with Win 10 and it's relatively easy and pleasant to use. I also use Linux as well, before you start!

After selling his site for millions, founder hacked it for a second payday


"This says more about the lack of security duediligence by the new owners than the hacking intentions of the former owner."

What is with this always blame the victim mentality when it comes to hacking?

The former owner is a greedy unscrupulous b*stard who deliberately left a hidden back door in his software. Just because the new owners didn't find it straight-away doesn't make it their fault!

Apple Mac fans told: Something smells EFI in your firmware


@Anonymous Coward

If you're one a "select few" then I must be one of a "very select few" who goes back way beyond turbo buttons to when clones were referred to as IBM PC clones! And that's the key here, the old PC BIOS had a design that dated all the way back to the original IBM PC - okay it had been tinkered with over the years but it was basically still a 1980's design. SO I don't get why you're b*tching about UEFI yet don't complain about EFI on Macs. Something had to be done to update the PC BIOS design and an enhanced version of EFI has been a good solution, and in spite of all the moaning and conspiracy theories when it was introduced it is supported by lots of open source OSes.

As regards the "Macs work" argument, it some how implies that PC's don't and it's hard to set up development environments under Windows or Linux. All I can say is if you find it that hard, perhaps you should consider another calling ;)


@anonymous coward - "If you see Mac use as elitist, trendy and too cool for you, you're really telling me you're not able to assess facts objectively, waste time and have an attitude problem. Or, translated, hard to employ in a commercial setting."

Or maybe boltar is a bit more commercially astute than you obviously are and sees the danger of being locked into one (high handed, expensive) supplier for both software and hardware. Does it not worry you that if Apple suddenly shifts direction and drops your preferred macbook size/type you literally have nowhere else to go! Apple: closed software + closed hardware = lock-in!


@anonymous coward : "Until such time as Microsoft stops gaming the hardware world (you didn't think the PC switch from BIOS to UEFI was problematic for Linux by accident, do you?)"

A bit ironic that you're posting on a thread about Mac EFI firmware, and b*tching about UEFI!!

Russian admits being Ebury botnet herder, now jailed for 46 months


No the guy obviously believes in using free open source software! ;))

The life and times of Surface, Microsoft's odds-defying fondleslab


"Microsoft's OEMs were pushing out cheap plastic boxes, low-resolution screens and unreliable hard drives..."

Agree with that except the last part about unreliable hard drives. Yeah SSDs are faster and more reliable but they are also more expensive and offer limited capacity compared to HDDs. And generally, I find hard drives incredibly reliable. I can't remember the last time I saw a failure. Yes there will be people on here that have had bad experiences and will never use a hard drive again but for most people most of the time, hard drives are fine and the extra capacity they bring is useful when you need to do real work.


Re: Still no.

Perhaps those managers /execs / board members remember being told when tablets were hot that laptops were dead and they could use a tablet instead. And then they tried to do some real work and got burned!! Hence why laptops and proper convertibles like the Surface Pro are still so popular.

Jailed fraudster admits running same cold-caller con from behind bars


Re: Fool me once

I think you're missed the point. This guy and his associates don't want to learn a lesson, they are just bad evil bast*rds. They'll just carry on scamming people until such time as they're stopped. As regards how did he do it whilst in prison? I know for a fact that there are mobile phones small enough to be smuggled into prison by being stuck up someone's arse, so it's not difficult to imagine how the means to make the calls was obtained. It suggests though that there's people on the outside assisting him - I hope they're nicked as well.

As regards further punishment, it would be sweet if some sort of proceeds of crime order could be made against all those convicted to recover the missing £66m, just as they are about to be released from prison. Then if they don't pay up, they can be banged up again :)

Confidence in £70m customs system has 'collapsed', warns Treasury Committee


Re: Early warning?

No need, anybody with half a brain knows the Spanish have been after Gib for years. But they should be careful, they've got their own 'Gibs' in Morroco, Ceuta and Melilla. And the Canary islands aren't exactly off the coast of Spain are they! And then there's the Basque region as well which would like autonomy. This could be a can of worms they regret opening! And I like the Spanish generally, but on this I don't agree with them.


HaHa, except Gib isn't an island!

'I'm innocent!' says IT contractor on trial after Office 365 bill row spiraled out of control


They should thank the guy ;)

Surely, a perfect opportunity for this Chamber to do a reverse Munich, and jump ship to Linux + LibreOffice!!

Munich may dump Linux for Windows


Re: Replacing Linux with Windows, based on *cost*?

Hang-on big_D, you can't say positive things like that about Windows!

The only closed source* product you are allowed to be positive about is OSx, that's the law!! ;))

* some (naive) people mistakenly believe it's open source but then fail to wonder why it doesn't run on non Apple hardware - go figure!!

ps haven't seen one of your posts in years. Didn't you used to post on PCPro before they ruined it?

NHS IT bod sends test email to 850k users – and then responses are sent 'reply all'


Re: Not a bad test


I suspect alcohol intake of said "senior associate ICT delivery facilitator" is going to exceed NHS guidelines this evening;

Good day at the office darling? Give me that damn bottle now!!!

French programmers haul Apple into court over developer rules


Re: Why use a web browser for an app?

"is Safari becoming the new IE6"

Err Yes, and wouldn't it be sweet if the EU Competition Department (come back Neelie Kroes!) fined Apple big time and made them display a Browser Choice window (remember that monstrosity!) on all new iFruit devices. Ah but it'll never happen because it's Apple, right?!

Windows Phone dives into irrelevant-like-BlackBerry territory


Re: Microsoft


Are self destructing."

Well you might well be right but then again the haters have been predicting (hoping!) this would happen for twenty years or more.

You say Open Office formats are blossoming. In business I come across Office Open XML formats everywhere, not so much Open Office formats. Personally, I would miss modern versions of MS Office. The alternative seems to be use Open/Libre Office and use a UI from the 90's or use a cut down web based product like Google Docs. I don't find either prospect particularly appealing :(

Remember Netbooks? Windows 10 makes them good again!


Re: Madness

"1) Such devices ran XP badly, they originally had Linux"

Bit of an over simplification that. The early ones with 7" screens and minute SSDs were horrible and weren't even up to running XP and should have been restricted to Linux . The later ones like the Samsung NC10 I had with a single core Atom, 2GB RAM and 160Gb HDD ran XP just fine. I even ran a full version of Visual Studio on it for occasional late night coding in hotel rooms. I never tried the last of the line dual core models but I can't see any reason why they wouldn't have run Windows 7 quite well.

"2) Win 10 costs money to replace XP and offers just spyware"

Can you actually back that claim up re Spyware. I've read several in depth analyses of Windows 10 that compressively debunk that myth - sorry if the facts don't fit your anti-MS stance.

"3 Linux Mint with Mate works fine"

If it does be happy but remember some of us need access to stuff not easily accessible via a Linux Distro - different strokes and all that.

Bookstore sells some data centre capacity, becomes Microsoft, Oracle's nemesis


Re: "Trevor Pott has demonstrated that he is merely a Microsoft shill"

Yeah the MS haters are out in force this holiday season ;))


Re: Trevor, surely Office sells Windows, not the other way round?

"but that it uses a default proprietary file format"

B*llocks it uses an Open standard XML format. That's why there are loads of open source libs out there that can read and write offices docs. I'm using one at present called Epplus to create Excel spreadsheets.

German ex-pat jailed for smearing own pat all over Cork apartment


Re: Jail sentence?

"Yeah, so backward the gays can get married."

Oh Alan, you old homophobe you..

FREAKing hell: ALL Windows versions vulnerable to SSL snoop


Re: Windows

Howard you are obviously a being with mighty knowledge. You have convinced me that I need to move off Windows. Oh great one, can you recommend an OS that has no security vulnerabilities? I guess that will be the one you use. So please speaketh its name so that we can all come into the light and hail this mighty OS ;-)

Office MACROS PERIL! Age-old VBScript tactic is BACK in biz attack


B*llocks!! For starters, we all know that translating binary to decimal and back has inherent limitations. That's just a fact of life. That doesn't mean spreadsheets aren't useful, they've been used successfully for years. But every tool has its limitations, you wouldn't use an F1 car for rallying would you? Yes some mis-guided users have tried to over reach the limits of Excel, but that doesn't mean it's not a useful tool for data analysis. And adding automation via VBA can enhance a solution if used sensibly. I mean plenty of stupid apps have been created for iOS, it doesn't mean per se that creating apps is bad per se (evil yes, as it's supporting Apple ;-). Baby and bath water come to mind here!!


Re: Bullshit

VBA Macros haven't run automatically since Office 2007.


Re: Bullshit

What drivel !!

For starters, it's a long time since I heard anybody criticise Office for lacking functionality. Normally the criticism is quite the reverse. It's like saying, browsers lack basic functionality that's why they ship with JavaScript to paper over the gaps. It's utter tosh! As regards VBA, it was added to let power users do even more. Office's extensive functionality can't possibly cover all scenarios.

I think MS missed a trick, they should of added, say Python, as the scripting language, then all the cool Open Source types (who usually have closed source MacBooks, oh the irony) would have thought it was all wonderful, even if Python is the VB!


Re: Bullshit

Funny, if he'd said he was using LibreOffice and said his whole company is automated using Python (or even worse Javascript - if that's even possible) I bet you wouldn't have said diddly squat because you think those things are cool.

But because it's Microsoft and VB you automatically think it's uncool even though you probably know f*ckall about it!

Untangling .NET Core: Open source for Windows, Mac, Linux


"Which is exactly why I abandoned MS platform development when they decided to change VB to .NET. By that point I was properly fed up with their constant changes in direction."

Jeez, get over it. VB6 was creeking back in 2001, do you seriously think it would have been fit for purpose now?! (Although to be fair, it still limps on as VBA).


> Just as you get tooled up to develop on .net core MS will shift the goalposts.

And can you name an area of IT where the goalposts aren't being ripped up constantly?

Web Developer to his (developer mate):

Hey I just learned XYZ language and the new hoki-koki framework, oh and that new JS library.

Too bad man, they are like two years old now and so passé. Nobody uses that stuff anymore !!!


Re: Dear microsoft guy...

So John, clearly you are a rabid Microsoft hater. That's fare enough. But I wonder do you loath all large US Corporations? I mean is MS really any better or worse than Apple, Google, Oracle, Facebook et al?

Do tell, do you boycott all big US corps?

HIDDEN packet sniffer spy tech in MILLIONS of iPhones, iPads – expert


Re: APIs

The average consumer wouldn't know what an operating system is, let alone whether it's open or closed. And as the recent OpenSSL debacle has demonstrated, there's plenty of juicy 'accidental' back doors waiting to be exploited in open stuff as well!

YES: Scotland declares independence ... from the dot co dot uk empire


Re: how long before...

Yeah right. Cos the last labour government was such a success ;-)

A tenner says you're just a wind bag and you won't move even if Salmond gets his way!

Are we on?

Exposed: RSPCA drills into cops' databases, harvests private info


Re: Ah, ....ACPO

Personally, if it helps the RSPCA to catch the scum who like to indulge in badger baiting or other forms of animal cruelty then I'm in favour of them having access. I suspect the Police don't have the time or the inclination to pursue most of these cases.

I'm far more annoyed at the DVLC selling my personal details to non statutory parking companies so they can try and frighten me into paying a £100 fine because I happen to have parked 15 minutes longer than 2 hours on a motorway service station car-park.

Sneaky new Android Trojan is WORST yet discovered


Re: Conspiracy theory

Wrong and wrong again: Microsoft don't have any market share in the mobile space to eat into. And with the patent royalties they receive on Android sales, they probably make more money from Android than Google does! So why would they pay someone to develop an anti Android trojan?

But anyhow. how come Android has exploitable security bugs? How many times have I read that open source software is inherently more secure because of the 'many eye balls on the code' factor - looks like some of those eye balls belong to the bad guys!

Ten ancestors of the netbook


Re: Less is more

Err Not necessarily.

I had the misfortune to be given one of the early Acer tiny screen netbooks recently. What a laughable piece of junk compared to my 11" Samsung NC10. My NC10 might be running XP and have a 'slow' (but capacious) disk drive but its such a capable machine even to this day. On a trip, I once loaded Visual Studio and it handled that pretty well. And build quality is great, and after 3 years I still get 4hrs + battery life.

I think that the problem with Netbooks is that the vociferous naysayers were exposed to the early tiny screen Linux models and found them wanting and have slagged off Netbooks ever since. If they'd tried the much better later models they'd have a different opinion. But then again, the anti-MS brigade never got over the fact that most people wanted to ditch Linux and have something that could run Windows. (And I'm not anti Linux, I use it every day, I'm just OS agnostic - I use whatever is best for the job in hand.)

Given the choice between one of the later Win 7 based Samsung, Acer, Dell etc dual core netbooks and one of the earlier 7" or 9" early Linux models, I'd have the dual core machine every time.

Sometimes more is more

Hands-on with Ubuntu's rudimentary phone and tablet OS


Re: With a PC it is generally straight forward to replace the OS

Err, neither are you. You can turn it off, so its no barrier at all.

iOS 6.x hack allows personal data export, free calls

Thumb Down

Re: Surprise

AC? Eadon we know its you!

Netbooks were a GOOD thing and we threw them under a bus


Re: Samsung N120 still going strong

Me too, I have an NC10, had it for 3 years + I still get over 5 hours running XP. It might be just plastic but fantastic build quality for such a cheap bit of kit. Its not my main machine either but I still use it regularly when I have to visit a site and need USB ports and a decent crop of mature applications to work with.

I'm beginning to wonder myself if in a few years when everyone is so over the iPad etc whether cheap tablets might go the way of the Netbook. Perhaps decent (ie. by that I mean they have a useable selection of ports and 100's of gigs of internal storage, proper multi-tasking etc) netbook-tablet hybrids will be the next big thing.


Re: Ah the Woolworths syndrone....

Don't waste your time, Robert Long 1 is just a rabid anti MS troll. There's no reasoning with these people.

Ruby off the Rails: Enormo security hole puts 240k sites at risk


Re: Surprise

Oh dear, just another clueless troll.

2012: The year that netbooks DIED


Re: they came with Linux to keep the price down

@Eadon - talk about don't let the facts get in the way of your prejudice. The higher return rates of Linux based netbooks are well documented. See this article for example;


"In reality windows notebooks were returned in larger numbers due to their being slow."

Care to back that up with any facts?

If you mean in terms of absolute numbers rather than return rates, well that wouldn't be all that suprising given that the vast majority of netbooks sold came with Windows.

I recently had the misfortune to try and sort out one of the early Acer 7 inch screen netbooks that came with Linux and a tiny SSD. What a dog slow machine!! Fortunately, my netbook is one of the later Samsung 10" NC10 with good ole Windows XP on it. I've used it for all sorts of tasks over the last three years - Its even got a full version of Visual Studio on it which runs tolerably well. Its still going strong and is really handy to sling in a bag for when a real Keyboard and a good selection of ports are needed.


Re: sad to see them die

@Eadon - you've got that the wrong way round. Initially they were Linux only and the market rejected them. It was only when they came preloaded with Windows did they sell in huge numbers.

Are you an IT pro? It's no longer safe to bet your career on Microsoft


Re: slow death of VB.NET

your loss then as VB.Net is 99% like C# but with nicer syntax - unless you like squiggly brackets and semi-colons that is :-)


Re: Shifting languages / platforms

"NET as a platform is also encumbered with submarine patents."

Yeah right. Let me put things right for you; As an MS hater what you really wanted to say was "I hate that .Net runs on Linux under Mono!" - there you go, fixed it for you :-)

"In contrast, if you learned C/C++ / python / java (Java excels as a serverside language / platform, so no need to hit with me "Java is slow" and other out of date, noob myths) : if you learned those languages and platforms, then your skills will have accumulated and be even more relevant in the future than they are today."

I partly agree with you but learning any modern programming language (MS or not) will stand you in good stead - it will make it easier to pick up whatever new language/framework comes along - even in the none MS world things can change rapidly. And today's hot ticket language can rapidly fall out of fashion. So there are no guarantees.

Seize your moment, Microsoft: iPad is RUBBISH for enterprise


Re: Really? I would never have guessed!


Life in the Ivory Tower would be great except for those damn users!! I mean, who do they think they are writing VBA macros. Sacre bleu, they haven't even read our IT department coding standards manual! I say, make em all use Ipads, that way they won't be able to any DIY coding.

The $35 android tablet, a snip at $50


If you'd thought about your comment for just two seconds before posting you would have realised how daft it is. Have you never heard of the World Trade Organisation. Do you think India (or any country) can just make up its own trade rules and ignore patents and continue to trade internationally? I think not. How long do you think India's huge IT sector would survive if it followed your prescription?

Microsoft releases IE9 for chip happy Windows world


IE and MS Haters of the World unite!

Lets face it, it wouldn't matter if IE9 was the best browser on Earth, or in the Universe even. That would not be good enough for most contributers above who seem to harbour a latent hatred of all things MS.

For what its worth, I tried IE9 for the first time today (I mostly use IE8, shock horror! but have Chrome and Opera as well on this PC). Inspite of the claims of whizzy performance, it doesn't make that much difference to my browsing experience. Just as I wasn't blown away by Chrome, I'm not with IE9.

The one thing I don't like (and this applies to Chrome) is the lack of user customisation options. Want to edit the Navigation toolbar so the Favorites button is on the left (where it should be!), forget it, can't do it! They also messed up the menus. Where's 'Find on this Page' now? Buried in the File sub-menu which is accessed via the Tools menu. As someone on another forum said, the interface is one step forward, two steps back.

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Safari anyone?

Will the current version of Safari run on the version of OSX released in 2001? I think not!!!

Just get real, it was inevitable that MS would stop realeasing new stuff that would run on XP at some point. I actually think its quite creditable that they've supported it this long.

McDonald's breach bares nuggets of customer data


Yes and there's

no need to 'drone' on about it ;-))


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