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Nokia updates N97 firmware


nokia... puts the 'in' in competence

bought an unlock phone in sinapore in june last year.....STUPID MISTAKE

been stuck on v12 ever since

emailed loads of times.... anyone ever had nokia care actually read their issue?

I always state i bought it from them, but they still insist it is my telco preventing the update.

they suggested i take it to a nokia care point to try and upgrade the firmware...so i did, off to the (nokia authorised) carphone warehouse...who would like me to pay 45 quid for them to try and update it.....

had to change the product code and upgrade it myself....

smart phones...nokia..more like retarded phones made by retards


Nokia slashes prices to up market share ante


Nokia go to hell

Stupidly I bought an N97 when they were first released...... I didn't want to be a iPrick but after 6 months of the N97 i wish I was. Words fail to describe how crap the N97 is....

The support faltered as word spread about how shit it is.... 400 quid down the toilet. If you are determine to buy a No'fucking use'kia i'd wait at least 9 months after the initial release, just in case its another N97.



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