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LOHAN: Reader vacuum pump plans really suck


"If you know a responsible adult"

Surely these "responsible adults" are nothing more than an urban legend, I for sure dont know any.

beer, cos this project is a direct result of beer, and I'll drink to that.

Lady Gaga puts the squeeze on breast milk ice cream


Re: Re: Towering tower?

Oh God, dont give her more ideas......

America spared Top Gear Mexican quips


Nice to see

El Reg delights in non censorship and happily requotes Hammonds initial analysis of the Mexiacans word for word in every article about this crazy overreaction. Well done, keep it up, Have a beer.

Crematorium to heat council swimming pool


Looking at the relative quantities

Surely if this were to be implemented, the vast majority of the heat would be used to heat the swimming pool, and the ability to cremate remains would be the byproduct.....

When I first read this story I thought the general concensus would be exactly what I am seeing, most level headed (relatively) normal people in general agree, its better than wasting the energy. Unfortunately its the swivel-eyed nay-sayers who are gonna get listened to though.

Flames.... well y'know how it is....

Sprint introduces $10 smartphone premium

Jobs Horns

Its only a matter of time

Till Rogers sees this and think its a good idea to stiff those of us in Canada in the same way.... They just love their raft of little extra fees......

Evil Steve... well cos they just are...

iPhone fanbois run off road in CoolBrand race


The title is required, and must contain letters and/or digits.

To shamelessly rip off Harry Enfield...

Owning an iPhone says that 'I am a corporate fanboi whore'

Owning an Aston says "I am considerably richer than yaouwww"

And since when was an Aston understated.... it screams Loadsamoney...

Not that I would say no to one if someone wanted to buy me one... An Aston that is, not the other piece of tat

How can UK.gov spend £35m on a website?


Terry Pratchett got it right in The Truth....

'Special rate for government jobs,' the dwarf muttered.

'Oh, but I wouldn't dream of paying any less that other customers,' said the Patrician.

'I wasn't going to charge you less that-'

BT rolls back the night


7pm Evenings? Luxury

Here in Canada, Rogers (and probably other cellphone providers) decide that evenings start at 9pm!!! Though you can have your evenings start earlier (6pm or even 5pm) but that costs extra.....

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