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Kentucky judge OKs 141-site net casino land grab

Gates Halo


I call Twatrobe. Give a twat a cape and they think they can rule the world, *insert evil laughter*.

Gates because not even he could pull off a stunt like this one.

Dutch fire up petrol-pumping robot


What if it all goes wrong?

What if the "carbon based life form" in the robot dispatch warehouse got it wrong?

God help the poor sod who lights up a fag anywhere near the back end of a cow!

HMRC manual on data protection was protected data


Dark age numb nuts.

The upper levels of HMRC really are a bunch of numb nuts living in the dark ages. The public are not evil gods who demand that some token sacrifice of a poor office scapegoat will satifiy our desire to see someone punished for their terrible, incompetent sins.

I feel sorry for the poor sacrificial goat they picked on. I can just see them being led into the slaughter office...

HMRC toff: "Bob, you were the one who sent out those discs which were then lost."

Scapegoat: "But you ordered me to do it Sir!"

HMRC toff starts booming: "Ha, I care not. May you be slayed by the purest of P45's, stripped of pension rights by meerly days of remaining service and liberally oiled ready for penetration. Oh public of Britian. I offer you this fresh sacrificial scapegoat as payment for our terrible sins. Mahahahaha!"....

Ofcom tells BT to buck up on unbundling


About bloody time!

"The regulator is proposing new requirements on Openreach, which would mean it would be obliged to pay out if service or quality fell below a contractual threshold, with continuing pay-outs if problems persisted. BT would also have to pay double the current compensation for failing to activate lines."

It's about bloody time. I work for a small ISP and when BT do something stupid like cut off a customers phone line by mistake, reconnect it but then fail to reconnect the broadband it takes them the 4-5 months to fix it.

Having the customer screaming down the phone at the unacceptable time it takes to fix is bad enough but then just to kick us in the balls even further, the customer, and quite rightly so, objects to continuing to pay for their service (or lack of) and we end up having to swallow the bill.

Considering the extremely low margins to make a profit, just a handful of customers who are not happy to continue paying when they have no service turns a slightly profitable business into a loss maker.

Conservatives cock-up over pound again


13:37 - It's taken down.

It was taken down at 13:37 lol. Shame.

On another slight NSFW note, here's an amusing Microsoft Partnership oops/cockup that was shown to a collegue of mine.


Pay-as-you-drive roads coming to the UK


This government bloody STINKS.

As usual, the government has completely ignored the public's voice and have even passed the ugly initial protests and objections to local government so that we have no choice but to get use to it. Where I have no doubt, it will then be put in place nation wide.

What this article should have said is...

"One of the world's largest road pricing projects is the central London's congestion charge. The scheme has cut congestion and pollution in the capital and moved it to the outskirts instead. Those who have little choice but go into the centre have their wallets leached to death on a daily basis by the congestion charge plus the penalty charges caused by administrative cock-up's in the office running the scheme.


It's nothing more than highway robbery.

Just great. Thank you Kennith "Your money or your life" Livingstone. Gordon "Stand and Deliver" Brown has a plan. I can just see him rubbing his hands together now in anticipation.

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