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Mind mapping for IT pros

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Mind mapping on the iPhone/iPad

Try idea sketch on the iPhone / iPad, its free and works well if you want a simple mind map. It also converts the mind map into a list (where it can) for those who don't do mind maps.

Gran Turismo 5

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GT5 Fan boi comming down off a hit

I am and have been for a long time a GT fanboi. which is why it pains me so much to admit the failings of this game. But first, I must say I have yet to see better graphics in a racer? I have no idea how you can relate forza or any other racer in graphical terms to the premium cars in GT5?


It breaks PS3's I know 3 people who's PS3's have given up within a week of getting GT5 all with Blu Ray failures.

The Loading times are maddening, Its worse than GT4 and that was bad enough.

The menu seems to have been made by loading every menu option into the barrel of a shotgun and recording where and how they hit.

B Spec mode has been ruined. It could have been a killer feature but instead they made it a slow micromanagement boredom when it could have been a fast paced football manager style side game.

Photo mode seems to have had some of the settings removed? Why can't I upload directly to faceache/ Flicker/ Picassa ?

All in all it hurts most that this title was not available on PS3 release because if it had been its failings would have been accepted.

Still the best racer out though, if you have a logitec g25/g27 setup :)

Free mobe map app 'shut down by' Nokia

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Last Nokia I bought

I switch my mobile every 18 months and I was considering switching back to a new Nokia next 'Upgrade' but after this poor show by their daughter company I think I will be spending my hard earned £'s with another company.... Nexus One anybody?


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