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eBay refiddles with auction fees

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You have to give the stuff away

Trouble is job public does not trust eBay because it has hidden bidder history in the UK with alias Bidder1, Bidder2 and the USA is little better with A**B and if we go along with eBays story about protecting buyers then why don't they have a ten digit alias so people can see whats going on.

They hide the history because shill bidding could be seen and now it's running rampant in the UK and the buyers know it.

Thow in no-pal fees and ebay fees with the vote of no faith and you can see why little is flying out the doors apart from the $0.01 feedback thats being sold on a massive scale.


eBay marketplace reverses revenue shrinkage

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eBay is not very good with figures

eBay say it has 233m members but if you read the small print then this 233m soon becomes 14m for the UK and you could add 20% more for the USA but this still leaves you a very long way from eBays 233m figure.


eBuster put the total for active members at about 33m members.


and that includes all the shill bid accounts and accounts set up for nothing more than selling feedback and if you think these are small numbers then take a look here were 1000's of feedback adverts are listed.


or here where we have a bidder with just 6 points retracting 275 bids


or this one where a bidder has 72 bids with the same seller.


eBays responce is to cook the book when they have been caught out.


but Google cached pages saves the day.

Take a look at 'Books Fiction' on eBay UK and it says it has about 2.5m items listed so if you take 2.5m and divide by 15 days and 200 items per page then you should see about 833 pages of these books each day but the highest page you will get to is about 251 and it will show items are ending in about 23 hours time if ordered by 'Ending soonest' so where are the other 500 pages.

eBay says crime only accounts for something like 0.01% of items and it is doing all it can to help members so how come i can write software with limited access to data that spots gang activity a mile away.


eBay is doing all it can to hide data and will not answer why bidder in the UK are all called bidder 1-20 and the USA has two digit alias and not a ten digit unique alias but i think we can all work that one out for ourselves and now if you take the time to look at the bid history for cars you find a page full of new members and yellow stars.

Sorry but eBay can not claim to have masses of loyal members if none of them are bidding and any figures from eBay must be taken with a large pinch of salt.



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