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Who's the world's largest tech firm?

Col. Panik

GE is bigger -- do you consider it a tech firm?

As Mr. Face suggested, if you are including Samsung's machinery, appliance, and other businesses in the total, then the definition of "Tech Firm" should probably include GE. GE's reported revenue for 2008 was north of $180B.

Others will probably note that GE doesn't do much in home appliances (or it won't soon) and that a large portion (more than half?) comes from GE Finance activities. So, as others have pointed out "Tech Firm" is not so firm a definition. Any company involved in big machinery or infrastructure is likely to have a significant corporate finance arm. (I remember during the incoming employee orientation at GE R&D we were all told that GE engineering exists to design things that GE manufacturing would build, and that GE manufacturing exists to give people reasons to finance purchases through GE Finance. Chilling, perhaps, but at least frank.)

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