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Microsoft finally debuts Euro-choose-a-browser screen

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what planet?

"Apple do not use one product to try to tie people into buying others."

That's exactly what the iPad is. :o)

Ever heard of iTunes? Tell me how I can use my Mac and iPod but without iTunes.

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Obviously the EU, who were worried about consumer choice and Microsoft forcing us to use IE... right? Yes, obviously the EU who were so worried about it and were NOT using MS as a cash cow, now they will go after Apple for the same thing, right?

Political bullshit, all of it.

French poised to seize Port of Dover

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And where does this money keep going to? Apart from MPs' expenses that is. ;o)

E-book readers are a satisfied lot

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Ain't no ebook Reader. Battery life alone let alone screen. My Sony 505 all the way.

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Gadget show

Issue with the Sony Reader they reviewed is because it's the 600 that has the touch screen. The pocket or the 505 has no such problems and has the same technology as the Kindle. When the 600 came out everybody said that the touch screen had seriously deteriorated the screen quality.

Adobe to Jobs: 'What the Flash do you know?'

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Naturally, if Apple doesn't use it, there must be something wrong with it. :o) Then the moment they ship it, "iWOW... " it's like the first time they've seen it.

Bluray.... HDMI et al.

Apple: popularity, not problems, caused iMac delays

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Their B.S. just never ends does it. And what caused the iHardware issues? Don't pretend to put a spin on it.

Designer pitches iPad gaming wheel

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It'll work well with the iHype, seeing as they're both pointless. ;-)

Google reveals nonexistent Chrome tablet

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touch screen

I wouldn't want a touch screen on a laptop.

iPad vs e-book readers: price matters

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scientific evidence?

Just because nobody has done a 'study' on differences between LCD and e-ink displays, it doesn't mean differences don't exist. It just means nobody has wasted their money on such a project. Plus there are so many variables involved no study would be conclusive.

You can read ebooks for hours on an LCD? Great... I can't. I work for hours and hours on an LCD and also have no eyestrain, but 'working' isn't the same as reading. When I have read ebooks on my monitor, it's "OK", but not as relaxing on the eye as an ebook reader.

Anyway, the real point is that my ebook reader replaces the need for me to carry a few books, that I would have carried anyway. My laptop doesn't have to go with me everywhere. And a PDA is too small for my liking to read books on. In addition to the screen, it's battery life and size is the reason why you can't compare. It's an ebook reader, it replaces books, and nothing else. Sometimes you just want to get away from the damn computer and read a book.

The day your 17" laptop and a PDA can be read in direct sunlight and has a battery life that lasts for weeks... then we have the beginning of a discussion.

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What a strange article. The only way to make the iWaste look good is comparing it to an ebook reader? An ebook reader is, guess what? An 'ebook reader', it replaces, 'b o o k s' and my last Stephen King paperback was never able to surf the internet, I have a laptop for that.

The iSilly fills no gap. It's not that much smaller than my 13" Macbook Pro. And my MCP has a proper operating system, net access, proper storage, it can read ebooks and has a DVD drive. Not to mention that I don't have to consantly hold it on the train etc.

You can't seriously type on it, not seriously. So you can opt for the keyboard? Great, more things to carry! Again, my MCP already comes with a keyboard too! :D

I'm afraid if you want to compare this iSausage to something, it has to be other tablets, it which case it fails miserably. And if you want to use it as an ebook reader, it's battery life sucks compared and your eyes will just not be able to cope. There is a huge difference between momentarily looking at a nice pretty colour screen and comparing it to e-ink, and reading it for a few hours. Your eyes will be streaming. By which time it's battery would have ran out whereas the ebook reader is still at 98% and eyes are fine.

There is no mystical person that somehow wants net access but doesn't yet own a laptop. We can't keep pretending they exist. Apple disciples will buy it, some of them, then the sales will slow to a trickle.

It really is OK to criticise Apple people, they have created an iLemon and we can't even make lemonade with it. Once the fabricated iHype disperses it'll be a nothing.


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