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India eyes man in space by 2016

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Are you kiddin me?

Stop crying about the millions you are giving to indian government. It is nothing when compared to what you have looted from us over the last century. when british india took over in 1857, india used to account for over 20% of world's GDP, by 1947, it accounted for less than 1%. You got rich while we got poorer. Now you are concerned about few millions you are giving to us. Also technological advances are very important for any country. And India is spending less than 1% of GDP on space explorations, while over 20% for infrastructure and rural employment programs. So please stop worrying about our poor, we know how to help them. In 50 years from now, I'm sure you'll be asking money from us, we'll be critical about how you spent it. Then we'll see wat you have say.



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