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Samsung posts record profits as Galaxy sales crush Apple


Samples… do I win?

O2 to step back from unlimited mobile data deals


High prices for poor service.

I had an 18 month contract for my iPhone 3G, back when they first came out. 500Mb would have been fine as O2 was so bad I hardly ever got a 3g connection anyway.

The other real problem is that once you exceed your limit it has been truly punitive in the past. So if you forgot you could end up owing a lot of money.

Three for me :D

Apple iPad to hit UK this March

Jobs Halo

Grandads first PC

It's great, and it's aimed at Techie geeks, just not the way you think. All those people who ask you what kind of PC should I buy that you've then ended up supporting forever... this is for them.

It is about as close to an unbreakable web browsing, email machine as you can get. It will even handle photo's and let you do the odd document and spreadsheet.

I'm a bit disapointed that it doesn't have a facing camera for iChat/Skype. However that's certain to appear in V2 of the product. And I'm disapointed about multitasking, but for most people it simply won't matter. And which is easier, explaining to Grandad how to get to a background task that's making farting noises every minute, or telling him to push the big "go home" button.

I hope he sells 10's of millions. :-)

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