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Full shift to electric vans would melt Royal Mail's London hub, MPs told


Re: Hmmm

A would disagree that EVs are subsidised because while petrol is taxed, the environmental impact is not factored in. If the total impact to the planet, peoples health, etc, then EVs have a far lighter impact.

The rest is genuinely tough to work out. More forms of renewable generation are needed. Tidal, bigger wind (higher up means more consistent speeds), etc. More storage so we can store up our excess generation. Etc

Apple bans iPhone 3G patch omission talk from forum


Sale of goods act in the UK?

I'd be interested in how the sale of goods act would work in this situation?

The fault was there at the time the product was purchased, its documented so you don't need to get someone to hack it to prove it, the retailer you purchased it from has to fix it, replace it, or give a suitable refund (dunno what people would consider is reasonable on this one).

Obviously Apple don't care, but the retailers such as O2 will quickly speak to the right people at Apple if they get 1000s of people returning their phones demanding their money back/upgrade/fix.

Regulator sniffs around stonking iPhone game bills


Problem with all AdMob enabled apps

All this focus on one game developer is unfortunate. I've seen the premium dialler in more than just his game. AdMob is 100% to blame for premium numbers appearing in adverts and should take full responsibility for it.

Being able to set privacy settings on a per-app basis would be the best policy for Apple to take. Apps should have access to nothing unless you specifically enable them to do so, which includes being able to dial.


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