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Are you aware of the gravity of the situation on Mars? Why yes, say boffins: We rejigged Curiosity to measure it


Perhaps a read of The Janitor On Mars is in order...


Furious Apple revokes Facebook's enty app cert after Zuck's crew abused it to slurp private data


Apple needs to ban the FB app altogether and to put a privacy warning pop-up in Safari when the site is accessed.

Canadians moot methods to embiggen moose monument and make Mac great again


This time for sure!

The Iceman cometh, his smartwatch told the cops: Hitman jailed after gizmo links him to Brit gangland slayings


I reckon that he misread disposal of lead as dispersal.

Dear humans, We thought it was time we looked through YOUR source code. We found a mystery ancestor. Signed, the computers


Stop calling me todya.

Ho ho ho! Washington DC sends Zuckerberg a sueball-shaped present


Re: The trouble with convicting dishonest CEOs ...

That's why the Republican enthusiasm for prison reform recently, they wonder if they might be headed there themselves.

IBM: Co-Op Insurance talking direct to coding subcontractor helped collapse of £55m IT revamp project


IBM vs Insurance Company

Not much to choose from. IBM likely doesn't have anyone left who knows what Agile is.

Houston, we've had a problem: NASA fears internal server hacked, staff personal info swiped by miscreants


Can't we jut show Trump some old Thunderbirds episodes? Probably where he got the idea so it'll look just right.

Cloudflare speaks out amid allegations it safeguards banned terror gangs' websites


Re: Cloudflare are also a spam support company

It would help if they'd embed the original IP somehow, so that techy people could access it and report if needed. Or perhaps have a lookup page for same.

ZipRecruiter has been flying low: User email addresses exposed to unauthorised accounts


Re: Small issue

I let Zip have an ancient junkmail address to try their listings, it chose a query I didn't do on purpose, one it tried to get me to choose which had nothing to do with what I was actually looking to browse. Several other spammy recruiters sent me "offers" for that query immediately and constantly. I did get Zip to kill my "account" and it went away after a while.

Their offerings appear to me mostly atmosphere with some BTU's added.

"Small" only if you have extra email addresses and extra resources, which many unemployed do not.

Windows 10 can carry on slurping even when you're sure you yelled STOP!


so... TINT

Cambridge Analytica's administrators misled judge, High Court told


Re: Er, what?

Pretend you are Lewis Carroll making a sequel to Alice in Wonderland while reading it.

Awkward... Revealed Facebook emails show plans for data slurping, selling access to addicts' info, crafty PR spinning


Re: Users should pay to use Facebook

"So much for the core mission simply being to 'connect people'."

It is merely incomplete, the full phrase is "connect people to our databases"

Facebook's CEO on his latest almighty Zuck-up: OK, we did try to smear critics, but I was too out-of-the-loop to know


An article about how Fb sucks is not news. Even if the suck in a "new" way.

Hands up who isn't p!*$ed off about Amazon's new HQ in New York and Virginia?


I saw them for the bag of dicks they are back when free shipping was purposely delayed by waiting a week to ship. Since then rarely use them. I do maybe one order a year, stuff unavailable elsewhere and with no deadline, so they aren't twisting my arm with their delay game.

Corporate subsidies should be abolished. "Let the market decide" is like saying "let the drunk guy drive" but if that's what they want let's give it to them, especially when it hurts.

Michael Howard: Embrace of open source is destroying 'artificial definitions' of legacy vendors


Re: Did he catch a bad case of biz-speak?

"Jump off a cliff onto new ground" - a fine mixed metaphor indeed.

There's a fault occurring in there somewhere. By then it might not be a cliff any longer.

Another 3D printer? Oh, stop it, you're killing us. Perhaps literally: Fears over ultrafine dust


Re: n before g

Or in Psmith.

Google's secret to a healthy phone? Remote-controlling your apps


The best way to be safe is to disable Play Services altogether and not use Google services or a login. Photos gripes about not working without Play Services but it does on the phone. Firefox and assorted blockers can be loaded via APK.

Amazon's sexist AI recruiter, Nvidia gets busy, Waymo cars rack up 10 million road miles


Having driven around Phoenix, Waymobiles drive like catatonic grandmothers.

Artificial Intelligence is interesting to people who don't have real intelligence.

Attempt to clean up tech area has shocking effect on kit


Re: I don't recall ever NOT seeing the pump trigger lock

They do fail occasionally, after the first time it happened to me I made a habit of being nearby. And I listen for the click, if I don't hear it in a reasonable time I stop doing the windshield and check.

When they fail it makes a puddle very quickly. Busy stations often have pumps taped off, could be lots of things, but I have reported failed shut-offs a few times.

'Incommunicado' Assange anoints new WikiLeaks editor in chief


There are a few faces I'd rather not see, Zuck and this one come to mind. We know who he is, put the laptop on the beach girl in the photo slot instead.

That syncing feeling when you realise you may be telling Google more than you thought


Schmidt was always creepy,. He's a creep. The other founders are obvious creeps. The bit about up to a line is a creepy thing to say, and a lie like everything else they say. Don't be evil was coined by an ad agency who did work for big tobacco, so very likely to be totally sincere like big tobacco is and was..

All creeps, each and every. They are the new Catholic church, holding and storing millions of child porn images that are being sexted between people below the age of consent, yet nothing is being done.

We can all help by securing everyone around us, but it is an uphill battle, they don't get it. There's one more born every minute.

We need public hangings for people like this.

Some credential-stuffing botnets don't care about being noticed any more


Re: The Chinese regularly try and hack my little word press site

Install Wordfence and you can block IP's and ranges with the Advanced Blocking pane. And see in real time who is trying via Live Traffic.

I tended a site besieged by a certain corrupt international child molesting religious agency and never went down due to vigilant blocking and some other measures. But they tried.

Also, obscure your login page, most scripts look in the same hierarchy.

What's Big and Blue – and makes its veteran staff sue? Yep, it's IBM


IBM itself is old and overpriced.

How an augmented reality tourist guide tried to break my balls


Two software engineering problems in one column, nice work.

A basement of broken kit, zero budget – now get the team running



Relatively sincere question: Could the automation be made to take all day, but just do it on its own so that it looks like you're working instead of ordering more quicklime and carpet remnants?

First it was hashtags – now Amber Rudd gives us Brits knowledge on national ID cards


The Reg should hire her as an online security columnist. We'll all know the invisible hashtags and perhaps she'd learn something by osmosis and pass it on to the other wealthy gormless so that positive change is made. Even they would be upset if they understood what they're doing.

Guess who's still in charge of your gas safety, Brits? Capita


London's Burning!


Pluto is more alive than Mars, huff physicists who are still not over dwarf planet's demotion


Re: It's a big round ball wizzing round the sun innit?

I feel the same way about this as I feel about the DSM boffins deciding to incorporate Aspberger's into a "spectrum".

Trainer regrets giving straight answer to staffer's odd question


Re: New depths

They were salespeople.

Plusnet customers peeped others' deets during system upgrade


So they went with SAP?

Data apocalypse is coming unless you buy AI, declares AI biz


Re: A.I.

It's artificial because the whole thing is based upon artifice.

It's intelligent because they are obviously moreso than their client base.

Detroit sh*t shifter's operating costs waste away with Oracle's cloud


Now Detroit can go down the shitter again.

Lawyers sued for impersonating rival firm online to steal clients


They got a great cheap deal from their website vendor.

Salesforce boss Marc Benioff objects to US immigration policy so much, he makes millions from, er, US immigration


Re: Scum

As an older guy, at least one sentence is true. Somehow I am magically incapable with grey hair.

Android data slurping measured and monitored


What we need is some ihidden porn concerning the google founders to be inserted everywhere, in the footer of every message, on every web page, in all online script code, so that it begins to rank up in their engine like kudzu.


Re: recaptcha?

I'm dropping Hover as a registrar because they include both Google and Facebook scripts on the admin page. I block them with Noscript, but I've told them twice it's unappreciated and they aren't getting it.

Worse still is Craigslist if looking for work or apartment., can't see the contact info without captchas.

They have set up themselves as somewhat essential and are now milking it. We need draconian and medieval measures.

Facebook brings banhammer down on over 650 pro-Iranian 'fake news' accounts


I'm seeing a new push by APT28, which are specialty forums. I've seen some of it, quite nicely goes under those mods' radar while gathering info and seeking consensus-building. There is a bit of clumsiness, but not enough to set off alarums.

Will be a lot harder to combat this round.

Butcher by name, Butcher by nature? Capita finds new CFO


Re: Govia != Network Rail

All of them are incompetent. So of course they get along. I've been on the labor side and have worked in projects where I was quasi-management.

What a forgiving place that is compared to how workers are treated!

I wish I could quit you, but cookies find a way: How to sidestep browser tracking protections


Re: If I'd sold out my nation's future, I'd probably turn to drink too!

But they let him walk on the moon, so it paid off.

TSB takes on 250 complaint-wranglers to absorb £200m outage fallout


Do you have credit unions over there? Maybe someone should look into them. Over here they have a co-op network between them which gives me 30k branches and ATM's to use free.

Our banks suck also. Not a soupcon of truth or help from any of them, just increased chiseling.

Kaspersky VPN blabbed domain names of visited websites – and gave me a $0 reward, says chap


Kaspersky blew a chance for positive publicity in a community they should be supporting avidly.

Facebook insists it has 'no plans' to exploit your personal banking info for ads – just as we have 'no plans' to trust it


Just logged into a Citi account this morning for the first time, could not do it with locked-down browser, even when I allowed far too much, but since I'd used the card I had to dig out a semi-protected Chromium and watch the multitude of requests, using Little Snitch to select..

Facebook was one of the attempted connections while just logging in.

Never had a Fb account and don't want one. I'm notifying the retailer involved and and dropping that card. It's not only bothersome to have to do that just to have an account somewhere, it's also how much bandwidth it takes to snoop on everything, how slow it makes things for no benefit.

Why aren't the social media owners prosecuted as Peeping Toms, I'd like to know?

If I spied on someone then showed that they had clicked an obscure agreement some time in the past that they'd forgotten, I guess I'd be off the hook for it, right?

Almost 1 in 3 Brits think they lack computer skills to do their jobs well


The company that just sent me a large .ppt file as a way of sending a crudely-drawn map of their site so I know which gate I to enter, they belong on the list but probably don't know it. I'll need to undergo a round or two of testing to be employed there, however.

Be your own YouTube: Cloudflare Stream flies out of beta, emits vids


Re: And..

Just don't have comments.

New age discrim row: Accenture, Facebook sued by sales boss for favoring 'new blood'


The way a US company put it to me, they wanted a long-term relationship with any new employee.

Apple takes an axe to its App Affiliate Program


I use Apple stuff, always buy refurb or used, still using 10.6 so likely I'm not helping them achieve more figures.

Have worked as Applecare phone tech, saw things from the inside. Applecare agents are rewarded for selling stuff, but not for helping. I was at an outsourced call center; Apple mangers would call for support for their products and try to hire me away when I did well. Perfectly ethical in their world.

I predict a riot: Amazon UK chief foresees 'civil unrest' for no-deal Brexit


Anything to distract from the rise of corporate control. Getting more desperate, now we need clowns with floppy hair to distract since the old divisions were seen through as chimerical. This is about rich vs poor and no mistake.

Wonderfully nuanced thread, but the same themes show up; who benefits, how much power do they have, and what kinds of distracting incompetent puppets can they employ?

Will this biz be poutine up the cash? Hackers demand dosh to not leak stolen patient records


We need to have data protection laws where any breach requires the public hanging of the C-suite and board. Then our Privacy actually will be "very important to them".

Tim? Larry? We need to talk about smartphones and privacy


The answer to Hey Google is to say it and then launch into a porn story about the founders. My phone has been less reactive lately for some reason. Many possibilities for a male threesome, please explore.


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