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Boffinry breakthrough: First self-replicating life with 'alien' DNA


Re: Follow the Ship of Fools Lead ..... Invest All Gains in Hedges Against Losses ....

Wow! Uncomprehensible, you are really from Mars...

Is that a Random Rubbish Text Emulator you are using?


Apple's iPad - fat iPhone without the phone


Does it make coffee?

I'll surely get one, this thing will make a great psychedelic mouse pad for my desktop PC running XP!


Yeah right, who needs multi-task?

Okay, you just want to browse the web while watching your telly...

As I said in a previous post, I am a graphic designer and would have loved to be able to use this thing on the move.

No way this will ever happen: I need multi-tasking of course, I need my InDesign, my Photoshop, my Acrobat and my Illustrator all open at the same time as well as my Firefox (not Safari for Christ's sake!) to get stock images and my email and FTP client for liasing with clients and printers...

Apple used to be the reference for designers a couple of decades ago even at an outrageous price tag.

They went from selling reliable professional gear back in the 90s to selling gadgets to the average Joe since 2000 at the same price tag.

I am sorry to say that, but Apple does not rule anymore in the graphic design industry and I don't care about this anyway, as PC are 10 times much cheaper and 10 times more reliable nowadays...

I am telling this by experience (25+ years), not because I am some kind of deceived Apple head.

One of my clients had to pay his printers a heafty penalty for not delivering the pdfs in time because of his latest G5 with the latest OS X and more powerful processors and Ram than anyone working at the Pentagon would dream of... not delivering.

Fortunately I went back home and delivered with a big sigh of relief with my AMD Windows x64 based machine...

Apple should stop selling computers, though I don't mind them selling what they are good at: useless gizmos to show off with in the bus/tube.


... et les pommes tombent

It's not 'Biblical', it's just experience...

I know how you feel, I was as dumb as you 20 years ago.

Well not that dumb actually as, at that time, Macs used to perform better indeed than PCs and of course I was using them, there was no alternative.

This is not true anymore: Apple is selling more gizmos than computers nowadays, and I use a PC rather than a Mac in order to get my high-end stuff done and would never go back, and believe me I tried very hard to no avail!

Apple is just not for the professionals anymore, it's for trendy amateurs. End of story.

They used to be Einstein and realised it sells more to be Paris Hilton...

How clever is that from our beloved guru Steve Jobs


Less is less

What a load of crap!

I am a graphic designer with 25+ years experience and used to be a 'Mac-fascist' until Mac OS X came around.

I have switched to PC for well over 10 years now and will never go back to Apple: I had the chance to work on it again and, oh God, I can't believe what a pile of over-rated and over-priced rubbish it has become!

Full of bugs, bloody slow and unstable, not even able to deal with postcript fonts for which it was supposed to be the reference.

Well, not anymore Steve!

And nothing will ever replace the smell of fresh ink and the feeling of real paper, not even Apple.

No Flash, no multi-tasking... enough said.



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