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Once impenetrable PS3 cracked wide open


Bogus claim - premature at least

I have some hacker friends who've looked at PS3 before, and they're a bit annoyed geohot is claiming this at this point.

A hypervisor hack IS NOT a PS3 hack. Claiming to have cracked the system wide open purely on the basis of a hypervisor hack is premature to say the least. There are a number of other issues to get around in order to obtain execution privledges for arbitrary code - the definition of a system hack!

geohot has refused to show any unsigned code running with his hack. He has in fact not even confirmed that he has patched or unsigned code running with it. He seems to assume that with a hypervisor hack he can do anything, but this alone is not enough. If he CAN do anything, the fact that he hasn't even shown a simple hello world running with his hack (and not via OtherOS) speaks volumes.

geohot is claiming this race is over and getting the plaudits for it based on his reputation with iphone. But he is so far writing cheques his ass hasn't cashed! Mr Register journalist, please go back to geohot and extract very specific answers from him on whether he can get unsigned code to run outside of otheros, on whether his patched hypervisor functions are executable. So far he has pointedly dodged these questions on his blog.

Even if he does ultimately meet this goal, claiming it NOW is claiming a victory he hasn't yet achieved.

No unsigned code running outside of otheros = no hack. Simple. as. that.

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