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Crocodile keyboard becomes top Android app

Colin Jones


Sorry to throw water on the fire, but I think it'll be eclipsed by Swype when it's fully released. I'm using the beta now and, once you get used to it, it's really fast!

Google's Street View spycar clocked in London

Colin Jones

Seen (and snapped) in Cardiff


He was on his mobile, and left as the bus approached the stop... while still on his mobile! ;)

Phorm launches data pimping fight back

Colin Jones
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1) opt-out via cookie is unacceptable. Some devices/programs I use that access port 80 don't have the ability to store cookies.

2) Even when opted-out, your browsing is mirrored to the profiler. This causes 2 problems in my eyes: (i) what's the point of an opt-out in the fist place? (I use Ad blocking plugins) and (ii) at the very least it's a transparent proxy, and that brings up a whole new set of problems we've only just got rid of.

I don't want it, don't need it and will take my ISP to court over section 11 of the DPA if it's implemented on my connection. I have sent that in writing via registered post to the data controller of my ISP.

Public-private shoe-in wins Birmingham contract

Colin Jones

What exactly is a shoe-in?

Was this, by any chance, submitted by an e-mail tapped out using predictive text on a mobile phone, and a 6 being missed out and left unchecked?


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