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Windows update brings down TV newscast


Reliability is irrespective of OS

Getting performant reliability out of a system is completely unrelated to the OS and comepletely RELATED to the admin!

I have run Windows, Linux, Unix servers in broadcast critical envrionments and they have run flawlessly apart from when use error! (like when i left the overnight playout system to auto-update at 2am and it rebooted! - i turned that off as soon as i got in at 6am the next day)

You cannot blame MS for this, its the admins who should not have been messing with updates /letting auto update do the work. Auto update in servers should always be OFF, you take a full live backup of a system which you can switch back in, in a matter of seconds, then update, test, and if all is ok you're safe, otherwise roll back.

I used to do this during my radio station's downtime - between 2am and 6am not once i'd got back into the office at 9am!

Dell boots disks and fires up streamed PCs


I've had this for years

And i've just finished building a new diskless Gentoo *nix node (well i say finished, it's emerging X as we speak) But the last time i tried this it ran far faster than windows does, the reason? *nix servers the DISK from the server, Windows serves the DISPLAY.

Most of the time disk throughput for surfing the web, office and so on minimal - but the display traffic is quite a lot.

the *nix way is better in this respect (also means the user is less likely to know how to fiddle with it)

Nuclear accident messier than we thought


I live just down the road...

It just so happens that i live just down the road from the BNGSL site, i have worked there, as have all of my family at one point or another!

Ok so the reactors were badly designed - air cooled, botched filters, the realty was particles were escaping for years before the fire - the reason they bulge at the top is because air filters were added as an afterthought!

Although they had filters they still took them out to clean - while the reactor continued to operate, there were also gaping big holes in them too!

The reactors were built quickly and cheaply to produce plutonium for the MoD, after the fire both reactors were shut down.

At least we learnt from our mistakes in 1957, Chrenobyl occured nearly 30 years later and was far more disasterous.

Mistakes happen, it is inevitable, the UKAEA took the action it deemed necesscery at the time, this did involve alerting the public as well as destroying contaminated food sources - milk being the prime example from the farms surrounding the Sellafield Site.

Euro trains gets broadband internet



No doubt it will get priced so highly its hardly worth bothering with.

Why don't they just make it ludicrously cheap (eg £2 per journey/ or in with the ticket) and block all incoming ports (unless 'related' or 'existing') and only allow outgoing ports 80, 443 with a local DNS?

At present a lot of these public wifi hotspots have port 53 open anywhere to allow use of a public dns server - but this means you can just tunnel an SSH session over it without having to pay for the connnection! This is silly!

Facebookers bring HSBC to its knees


Sick and tired

I'm sick and tired of this "Grow Up" attitude from some of the people here -

I am a student and i work damned hard, i will leave with around £24k of student loan debt, hopefully without an overdraft as i work hard to ensure i don't go into it.

However, i have just started my placement year and in the process of finding somewhere to live i had to shell out about £2k in costs - deposit, first months rent, furniture, travel to the place to l was moving to.

There's no way i could have done that without having an overdraft there, the situation is going to be much the same when i graduate - i will need some buffer in order to get started in a new job - that's if i can find one, most of the people i know (most of which have 1st's in BSc's for Comp Sci/Engineering/Electronics type degrees) take around 12 months to find a job - simply because the field is so competative.

The one year buffer of interest free up to £1k i think is acceptable, and highly useful to allow us "lay about students" to get jobs without being forced to move back home and get a sub-standard job just because it allows us to live back with our parents.

However, i did not get offered thousands of ££ immediatly for my overdraft, i got £200 automatically on becoming a student, then i had to physically go to my bank and apply for up to £1k, they refused to give me more than that, luckily i managed to get away with not needing it, but things were tight for a couple of months - i pretty much didn't leave my flat apart from to go to work.

Dell accountants spank themselves


Can El Reg investigate the recent Dell Misprice?

There was a misprice on ext hd's on the dell UK site a few days ago - 250gig usb/firewire £23 delivered.

Needless to say a few thousand appear to have been ordered but no one has had any word if they will honour the cockup

El Reg: Go Forth and investigate!

BOFH: New toys


RE:Taking Things apart

It's Tech Law!

You have to take new things apart, "No user serviceable parts" - yeah, pull the other one!

For starts im not a LUser anyways, then they always have stuff you can fiddle with - i fixed an old tape deck ones with a piece of string(!)

Power gadget set to cut electricity bills


@Richard Thomas

root@house~> Init 0

Oh S*** there goes all my frozen food!

Citrix set to snatch XenSource



This relationship has got to be screwed now anyway - the new version of windows server will support single-serve applications in a citrix style format.

Though of course, you've been able to do this for ages for free with RDesktop and SeamlessRDP...

Broadband claims mislead on speed


Be Unlimited FTW!

I finally got my phone line sorted (BT saga, story for another day)

I ordered my broadband at 6pm Friday night, it was activated and in use by 6am the following Thursday!

I get 18meg down (link) and 1.4meg up (link)

Reality is i can download at around 1.6mb/s - providing the server im downloading from isn't too busy and upload up to around 130kb/s

I've downloaded over 100Gb in the first week, and had no notice, no throttling or anything. They really are an amazing ISP - oh and a free modem/router which fully supports FXO and FXS for VOIP!

BT feels the need for 50Mb speed


Scope for the future

This is indeed good news, with fibre to the kerb the then existing fibre lines can be reused with better technology to reach higher and higher speeds.

Demand coupled with competition (as im sure more and more LLU will be occuring) will push these prices right down.

If they intend to put TV on demand down these new tubes, the data limit will have to be quite high, although data limits on illegitimate activities may well still be limited - bear in mind that systems such as BItTorrent have a large legitimate uses such as distributing Linux Distros and indeed the Vista RC2 Beta from the MS site used a Torrent as a method of delivery.

The report of the woman in Sweden (i think) getting 40Gbps was a bit of a misnomer as the womans son worked for Cisco and he was obviously testing out a new technology and to make headlines did it in her home.

However, if BT managed to backbone the UK with 40Gbps, or even exchange to housing estates a SINGLE 40Gb link will provide 400 people with 1:1 contention 100Mbps lines! or 20,000 people at 50:1 contention - given that normal ADSL is between 20:1 and 50:1 this is still pretty amazing.

I am very much looking forward to having fibre to the kerb/house, it was highly disappointing to read that BTs plans for ADSL in the 'new' 21CN exchanges was to use the 'new' ADSL2+...ahem, new? With a completion schedule of around 2010 for 21CN this 'new' technology will be extremely out of date.

BT to drag T-Mobile onto 21st Century


Argh F**ing BT again!

More crapness about BT!

Theyre honestly the absoulte worst company i've ever had the mispleasure of dealing with. I'm still TRYING to become a customer with them - even agreeing to pay all of the extortionate 'new line' fees (it's not a new line but for the full story look at my blog www.lewty.org.uk/blog)

They really don't want my money!

The telecoms industry in this country is monopolised by BT, the entire company wants broken up and sold off to competing bidders, then, with real land-line competition we will progress with technology and price.


Burned by a MacBook


Awful Customer Services

I am currently going through a similar trail and tribulation with BT, in an attempt to become a customer and have an active landline phone.

The stress is on BECOME, i am not currently a customer, i am trying very hard to give them my money but they are making it as difficult as possible!

Once i do get it sorted i may submit an article to El Reg (if you'll take me!) In the meantime you can read about it on my flat www.lewty.org.uk/blog

Leopard gets dose of Solaris ZFS


ZFS Is bootable...

ZFS is bootable, or at least, it is in Solaris, the next question is, will OSX support Z-RAID?

University moves to hush Facebook criticism


RE: "Idle Students"

I'm sorry but i will not stand by and watch the amount of people saying things along the lines of "students don't do anything, just waste time"

NO that is not at all true, i agree that any BA is a complete waste of time - for example some BA courses at my university only have around 3 hours of contact time per week, that is ludicrous, but for the rest of us doing real degrees where my contact time is 20+ hours per week, plus self-learning i find it insulting.

As for not working for a living, i'm sorry but i think i am, 5 years at university, £25,000 of debt plus full time summer jobs (and not in a bar or retail i may add).

Student's should have the right to criticise a university in whatever respect, but name calling and childish "i think he is Sh**" isn't really acceptable either.

My university decided to have someone arrested for personally attacking a member of staff on an online forum - without giving any formal warnings first. We are not free to criticise our university and it is a form of opression, the university refuse to aknowledge any problems and so it becomes compounded more and more as time goes on.

Here the university are out to make as much money as possible from the student population, regardless of how many people they upset.


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