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'A sledgehammer to crack a nut': Charities slam UK voter ID trials


Yet at the last election the Tories got 297 seats from 12,379,200 votes and Labour got 227 seats from 11,390,099 votes. Giving the Tories 0.000024 seats per vote compared to Labour's 0.00002 seats per vote.

That doesn't seem like a massive electoral advantage to me.

Londoner jailed after refusing to unlock his mobile phones


Re: Petty crime

"we the taxpayer get to pay this bloke's accommodation for an extra six months"

I think not since the article clearly states:

"Jones also received a three month sentence, to run consecutively from the firearms sentences, for failing to disclose the passcodes for his phones."

which means he's actually serving no additional time for this.

Top Ten 802.11ac routers: Time for a Wi-Fi makeover?


"I love the appearance of the the Nighthawk. It not only sounds like a US military war machine, it kind of resembles one too"

I think I should like a router that is somewhat quieter than that!

Tesco: Every little (effort to kill Amazon, Spotify) helps


Re: Half-hearted.

same old story with all of these services... the content available on smart TVs and consoles is always a fraction of what's available on PC.

When will the industry learn that restricting access to their content (while at the same time spending a fortune on marketing) simply drives people to piracy.

Forget 3D: 13,000 UK homes still watch TV in black and white


working families with 2 or more kids might even be low income families claiming in work benefits.

Shops 'mislead punters' over phone contract prices


Hardly surprising - staff in many mobile phone shops are woefully lacking in even basic knowledge. My mother was recently told by the "salesperson" in carphone warehouse that there was no way for to keep her number when changing networks. I was gobsmacked.

Amazon's Lovefilm to stream Universal films


Re: DVDs

I would have thought that some reference to the LoveFilm/Universal dispute would have been warranted in this article!

Google Go strikes back with C++ bake-off



"the Go program ran slightly faster – though the C++ program was slightly shorter and easier to write because the C++ code uses automatic deletes and allocation instead of a cache."

So in fact the same set of optimisations were not applied to both the Go and C++ code, since memory caching is clearly an optimisation.

iPhone 4: the best built smartphone...


Apples and Pears?

I can't see how by comparing individual models from Apple, with the entire output from other manufacturers you can draw any conclusions about the which individual smart phone model is most reliable. What a nonsense!

DVLA says council snoopers are free to take the WEE


and yet...

they don't seem to be able to use this for something useful like issuing me with a residents parking permit without me having to provide a mountain of documentation.

Google butterfingers slip jazz hands bug into Gmail



"If you're a Google Apps user and you've enabled beta programs".

beta software in 'has bugs' shocker.

Warez backdoor allows hackers to pwn Twitter accounts


meanwhile in the real world...

'We strongly suggest that you use different passwords for each service you sign up for'

Oh yes good practical advise. If I did this then I'd quickly have to start writing them down to remember them all. I mean I'm probably using up to about 10 different variants of user credentials across everything at the moment and I that still means a hell of a lot of duplication.

So which is the more cardinal security sin? Duplicating or documenting?

Google taps Gmail for more clicks with ad tweak


RE: Ads? What ads?

Agreed, why all the fuss about Googles tiny text based adds, when competing services (I'm looking at you Yahoo!) have got graphical ads that take up nearly half the screen.

Honestly there's nothing wrong with companies making money from providing services.

Why Bono is wrong about filesharing


subscription is nothing new

In case you hadn't noticed people are already buying movies on monthly flat rate from netflix or lovefilm, people have been paying for TV on a monthly flat rate for even longer from the satellite and cable companies. Changing the delivery mechanism can only increase the number of people willing to go legitimate and subscribe, a large percentage of those that don't would never have been willing to pay in the first place, even if it meant not getting the content.


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