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Network Solutions mops up after mass WordPress breach


database credentials

If Mr Dede new anything about web apps, and web sites in general, then surely he'd know that at some point you have to have database credentials available.

Network Solutions should be to blame for not setting the correct permissions on the users home directories so they can't be read by anyone else.

Windows plagued by 17-year-old privilege escalation bug


But this is the kernel

But this is a kernel exploit, not 3rd party software. Yes there have been exploits in ssh and bind, but they've been fixed asap by the OSS community, and not dumped at the back of a very long queue by a corporate entity who at first denies the problem exists, then denies it's being exploited, then after 6-12 moths finally gets around to patching it, but then leaves it until the next patch day, rather than pushing the patch out asap.

But anyway, you're clearly an MS fanboi, so there's no point using logic in an argument with you.

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