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NSA man says agency can track you through POWER LINES


Re: I think the idea is that they could identify a studio

"You could in theory make a noise interference reference database from freely available media on the likes of You tube producing locations based on available or scraped user data"

...Or an audio survey from all of the tracking transceivers (cellular phones).


Re: @Khaptain - New York or Los Angeles

"the police (or whoever) would need a database of the electronic signatures of every room in the world."

And what, exactly, do you think the NSA has been doing lately; Or don't you watch television?

Google Maps can now tell cyclists how HIGH they will get



I am posting this from Red Rock Hill (south of Twin Peaks and east of Mount Davidson) and I find this quite valuable for determining which routes won't overtax the caliper brakes on the bike I'm riding these days. (Tweakers stole my modern, disc-brake model.)

Hey! Just because we have a useable amount of Oxygen in the atmosphere here is no reason to laugh.

Google Earth SHOCK: ZERO point ZERO ZERO SIX of world forests disappear each year


Tree Farms=Death

Carbon sequestration is apparently the only viable pretext for the existence of Forest. "Forest management" should include glyphosate and clothianidin application to the edge environments to settle any last remnants of the ecology seeking refuge. Plowing up the last of the Prairie for ethanol production is also an important component in our final solution for this planet.

Snowden leak: Microsoft added Outlook.com backdoor for Feds


Re: How to escape NSA snooping

Don't forget to take the battery out of your tracking/remote surveillance unit when you go to that rendezvous.

DARPA uncloaks unTerminator for $2 million robotics challenge


Public Safety

Always an easy sell. I suppose we should plan ahead if we expect to be rescuing survivors as our reactors fail over and again, but this kind of gear really cuts into the cost/benefit ratio, so it won't be billed to the Utility Service. Ounce of prevention is probably cheaper than a few megatons of cure, do the math.

I think these will be mostly useful for things that soldiers soldiers might not be willing to do.

Pints under attack as Lord Howe demands metric-only UK


it would make life simpler for the hard of thinking

That is one of the few reasonable arguments for supporting this idea. Considering how the hard of thinking are being pandered to these days, some might suppose this issue will get some credence. The true cause, industrial efficiency, does rather raise my hackles; As a Californian Geezer, I still resent the loss of the fifth and quarter gallons of Whiskey. The metric sizes feel feminized to my hand. YMMV

Ted Nugent fined for failing to kill bear


Re: Weaseling

Blindsided? This sounds a lot like the "I didn't know it was loaded" sort of response. Extreme disrespect for the Bear, lifetime hunting ban on this Hippie's land. Pathetic.

FBI 'planted backdoor' in OpenBSD


Lies, all lies!

First Wikileaks, and now this. They hate our freedom.

The Mac that saved Apple (and Steve Jobs)



Bob Ames got a T-1 line to our house in '95. He spent a little over one thousand USD, it ran to his shack down by the creek.


massive, deadly voltages

I don't want to encourage any gratuitous tomfoolery, but I survived from my toddler days surrounded by CRTs opened up and charged, many live and operating. What you mainly want to avoid is the 20-30 Kv stored and accessible at the anode of the CRT itself. (That's a metal connector on the side of the fat part on the back of the tube, usually hidden under a wide rubbery cap.) Also pretty much the red wire hooked into that, and anything that it connects to. When the set is unplugged and capacitively charged, it's only like a really good cattle prod; The trick is to arrange your body/arm whatever so that the spasm doesn't drive soft tissue into sharp metal bits. The worst I've ever done was an occasional scratch or small piercing. Maharishi Bob got a 3mm blackened hole through a thumbnail once, but he was always pretty free with reaching into live sets. My dad's electric fence charger has more knockdown power, in my experience. Oh, and keep one hand in a pocket or behind your back, if you REALLY try, you can actually get killed.

New NASA model: Doubled CO2 means just 1.64°C warming



Where I come from, we assess the truthiness based on media descriptions and then use our tax law to subsidise a scientific test of legal over physical laws. (More highways, anyone?) The results will be subject to the same wild variations in interpretation. Whilst others discuss their version of reality, I'm un-developing some river frontage in the Great White North.

Council deforests beauty spot to combat dogging



The only people offended are those who choose to be. Some people want to be offended, and will be very disappointed to discover that this exercise has not revealed the folks they're going by and looking for. Now they'll be coming for the shrubbery in your neighborhood. The only people I find offensive are the ones that feel the flora should pay the price for their sick and twisted minds.

NASA finds cocaine in Space Shuttle hangar


Chimney Robot

I suppose some sort of "gap filler" could be engineered for chimney repair, and applied by a flue-crawler. I've watched the feed from a sewer-bot, when they were working from a friends back yard. very interesting. I think some repair situations might justify it.

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