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Met launches net café spy operation


I can see it now...

"Hello officer... yes, there are a couple of young islam men here playing CounterStrike and I think they're enjoying it too much..."

I love hearing about it when people get charged with wasting police time, when stories like this clearly show us that they must have plenty of time to waste.

Vodafone revs up UK femtocell program


What, no UMA?

I don't get it.

I get really cruddy mobile reception in my home regardless of network. I have a Vodafone personal mobile and an Orange company Blackberry. The Blackberry on the Orange network supports UMA, so not just data but also calls can route through my home WiFi, over the internet to Orange and they are still able to bill my company for such calls.

I can't do the same thing on Vodafone even if I did have a UMA-enabled handset, so I have to buy some extra stuff from Vodafone. If I do buy this new offering then it only works with my Vodafone mobile so my girlfriend's O2 iPhone still loses out (OK it's not UMA either but the principle stands). Is this some new definition of "customer-driven", courtesy of Vodafone?

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