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Yikes! It's the Yike Bike



On the environmental front electric bikes are surprising better for the environment than normal bikes www.yikebike.com/site/blog/save-planet-–-dump-your-bike-and-use-yikebike

While it may be true that you don’t find running and biking boring lots do. I personally hate running, quite like biking but generally prefer other sports to say fit. I find it odd that people want to impose an arbitrary list of technologies that society should and shouldn’t use based on what they personally prefer. While it may be tempting to assume people are too stupid to work out how to stay fit and healthy most people can actually manage (where I live anyway....)

To my surprise I have found that I use my YikeBike more as a replacement for car trips than biking or walking. It is perfect for business meetings where you don’t want to get hot and sweaty on a bike or have the hassle of finding a park with a car. I do genuinely struggle to understand why anyone would have a problem with that.


Try a little imagination......

"Undignified riding position," "overly complicated," "intolerably inefficient," "expensive," "nothing more than a passing fancy," "no chance of success," "distasteful".......interestingly these criticisms are about the what we now call a normal bicycle on its introduction in 1885 ("Bicycle - The History", by David Herlihy). Main reason people think the YikeBike looks weird is that they are not used to seeing something different.

You miss the main point though – this is not a replacement for a bicycle but it is one 6th the volume and half the weight of any other folding electric bike meaning it can go places normal bikes can’t (trains, busses, cars, cupboards etc).

If you want to know why the YikeBike won’t make you fat check this out. http://yikebike.com/site/blog/surely-yikebike-will-make-you-fat

For those who think it can’t handle hills or pot holes check out these tests http://yikebike.com/site/blog/yikebike-testing-video



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