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BYOD is a PITA: Employee devices cost firms £61 a month

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Re: I'm unsurprised

I work for a large multi-national co, the problem I have with the supplied kit is that it's been bought in bulk as a one-siz-fits-all solution.

I'm a pretty mobile worker, traveling a lot so my heavy ass laptop with shitty battery is a major pain in the back.. and shoulders.

Any my piece of crap blackberry is just so old it's a joke. (and they've locked out tethering, so i end up spending £40 per month on hotel/train/airport wifi what i really dont need)

BYOD is one way to solve this, having a user focussed IT strategy would be better.

Also for our company, running google mail and web accessible intranet byod should be a lot easier to impliment. We still need access to one drive via vpn.. but I assime that'll move to a google drive -type-system at some point.

Asteroid miners hunt for platinum, leave all common sense in glovebox

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Re: Uhm... No.

It's an interesting point, what would nasa pay for a large ball of floating ice and carbon in a nice earth orbit... on the way to mars perhaps.

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Re: robots

and it's even cooler... can we give them laser beams

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This is assuming the products are the same

I mean I don't know what proportion of platium is used in jewelery. but 'platinum certified from space' isn't the same product as 'boring old platinum'... start sprogging out star shaped jewelery for the arabs and billionaires, then down to just the regular rich folk.... it isn't stupid to think the material price would be doubled.

If they can make a new market for it (and its hard not to see that the publicity would be huge) then they will have a pretty unbreakable monopoly on that new differentiated product.

EFF accuses Warner of spamming DMCA takedown notices

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Dave Gorman had a bit of a problem wiht a false DMCA request the other day


Clear Channel turns digital billboards into 'store fronts'

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Magners is posh cider?

oh dear.

How I used Space Shuttle tech to insulate the living room

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please tell me you did an interstitial condensation calculation?

Otherwise there is a serious risk of water vapour condensing on your nice cold timber frame and rotting it.

Adding insulation to the inside of a house is a much poorer way to do it that adding to the outide, as you have no thermal mass and the structure is cold and liable to freeze. Adidng an insulated render to the outside of the building would probably have been much more effective.

Biometric harvest network can handle just 700k a year

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Given that edinburgh is further west than cardiff

i Doubt it's the most westerly branch

/pub quiz knoledge

Mystic Met Office abandons long range forecasts

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to be fair

they actually predicted a 60% chance of it being a very hot summer.

which might have been perfectly accurate.. it was the press release and the media that got it wrong.

Wired defines the storage 'PornYear'

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Given the media's unwillingness

to use anything as usefull as Watts Joules or KW/hr When talking about green energy perhaps you should add units of power and energy to the convertor (just mix them up together, journalists don't know the difference anyway)

I'd propose

'enough to power a house' (this can be a random number)

'enough to boil a cup of tea'

'Enough to power the streetlights in birmingham' (during the day)

'Enough to power a town the size of Stoke'

Chavez decries evils of PlayStation

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And of course


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