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There's NOTHING on TV in Europe – American video DOMINATES


Re: Nothing on TV

And Netflix; Madmen and Breaking Bad are both on there.

Wii got it WRONG: How do you solve a problem like Nintendo?


I thought you could connect a GBA to the Gamecube or is my memory failing me?

Agree with the articles sentiments about the Wii and the controller. I bought Twilight Princess for the GC as i couldn't be bothered with the whole waving my arms about in the air malarkey on the Wii.

Oracle's hardware wing keeps on bleeding


Not sure...

It seems to me that Oracle are commited to Solaris for their SPARC offerings and OEL for x86. I agree that their x86 roadmap is hazy at best but what I struggle with is the fact that their Exadata offering uses x86 and not SPARC. Also other hardware vendors (IBM, HP etc...) don't really offer full support for OEL which makes it even more problematic.

HP Pavilion dv6 15.6in quad-core notebook

I got this exact model just before christmas (through work benefits scheme) and for the price it's a solid family laptop. I wouldn't use it for any type of business purpose but once you strip the HP preinstalled crap out then it performs perfectly fine for everyday tasks. Horse for courses at the end of the day.

HMV faces the music after crap Christmas


I know they went under but I used to love and buy a lot from my local Fopp. When HMV bought them I had a small hope that they would replicate the model in some part to the HMV high street stores - glad I never raised my hopes up too high...

Oracle gives Solaris 11 final spit and polish


Solaris on x86?

"It will be interesting to see if Oracle can get Solaris 11 on a wide selection of x86-based servers, too."

I struggle to understand why Oracle would really want to push this on x86 if their preferred option is OVM. I would be worried about deploying Solaris on x86 as I see no commitment from Oracle on this combination over the long term.

Top Ten Arcade Classics

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Kung Fu Master

Track and Field

Prehistoric Isle

Golden Axe

Super Sprint



Virtua Fighter


Good list though.

Jobsian fondle-slab in SEXY FILTHGRAM CRACKDOWN


Re: John G Imrie

Not that anyone cares but Acocks Green is in Birmingham, West Midlands. I know as I live there...

BBC nicely summarises Gordon Brown's legacy

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@Chris W

Just a quick word about the bias of the BBC to the left. Their main politcal editor Nick Robinson is the ex chairman of the Young Conservatives and pretty much makes his views pretty obvious in a lot of this blogs etc....

Twenty somethings shocker for UK music sales



a) Why would I want to buy a product without any intrinsic re-sale value so for me it gotta be physical media.

b) The majority of the CDs I buy are from marketplace sellers though Amazon, Ebay etc... so in most cases are second hand. It would be interesting to see how the second hand market has faired over the last 5 years.

NuLabour 'Bribo' laptop pops up on eBay

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Has the Daily Mail readership suddenly started to read the articles on El Reg? Even with the fact that the Bribo scheme was a bad idea bound to court critisicm, the genarlisations made about people on low incomes is pretty shocking.

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