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Success! Curiosity Mars lander arrives precisely on schedule


Re: NASA does it right.

well, in all fairness, the LHC presents something that is a whole lot more abstract then Curiosity.

Curiosity is something the average person sitting in front of the TV can picture in their mind whereas when you tell them that at the LHC 2 beams are colliding at godknowshowmany TeV they will just stare at you blankly not knowing what the hell you're talking about.

also, what would you imagine an animation of what goes on at the LHC is going to look like ? 2 beams hitting each other and then suddenly a burst of pixels ... not very interesting to watch.

Oracle kills Sun.com after starvation diet


symbolics.com ?

a little research came up with symbolics.com

domain was continously registered for 25 years before being sold off but

also there are a couple that predate dec.com:


Thumb Down

gg oracle

as if it wasnt painful enough to find relevant support documents allready.

with the move from sunsolve to the oracle support site pretty much every google result that pointed to docs.sun.com became useless since you had to login and search for the damn thing a second time only with an utterly inferior search-engine...

Megan Fox exits Transformers 3



there goes the last reason to watch the next abomination ....

Pirate Bay resurfaces after German legal depth-charge


Hamburg Court

no surprises there then...they have a long running reputation of judging in favor of copyright holders and other, well, scum...

Apple in shock public attack on Adobe


as ive been saying for some years now

apple these days is behaving like Microsoft back in the 90's.

Steve Jobs uncloaks the 'iPad'



i was laughing pretty hard when i read the first article about the iPad some 10min. ago .... i was just thinking about all the Journalists and Hype and they all sit in fron of their screen thinking "how the hell should i explain THIS ..."

seriously tough, that thing is nothing special except its got an apple logo on it ... given, that will be reason enough for some people to buy it, but imo they really missed an opportunity here to give tablets a good push ... i mean jesus, not even putting a cam in there ... thats just made of fail ...

second to that there is no real target audience methinks ... i mean whos supposed to buy this ? iphone users allready have the same thing except with theirs they can also make phone calls ... ipod users ... njet, too big and bulky to serve as a substiute... and the rest of humanity will also live happily with their netbooks

Slovakian flies to Dublin with 90 grams of explosive


now theres a story that gives you faith in governments...

tough this story makes me wonder what the other 6 pieces of contraband were ... maybe some Anthrax for starters ...

anyway, i can only imagine what the story would have been if the guy had got caught at customs ... Terrorist Plot spoiled, Government introduces full cavitiy search on all travellers at airports ... something like that

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