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Council staff breach DWP database


not really confusing

I don't know, xj25vm. Why not ask Kable from which the article is reproduced?

Opera 10.50 goes from pre-alpha to final in 10 weeks


Horrible experience. Snotty support forum.

I like opera and except for the fact that the Times website doesn't work in it, it's the one I use most. This may change.

I was stupid and installed 10.5. Great, except my bookmarks disappeared and the skin I used disappeared. It took 20 minutes to reinstall 10.1.

When I went to the opera forums lots of others were having problems, including problems with bookmarks. But nobody with any knowledge was particularly willing to help.

Typical were the kind of remarks in this thread, "Complaints about 10.50" -


"Its really very simple, if you don't want any changes then don't upgrade. Opera has changed with every new version, and will continue to evolve. Some changes I like, some I don't. It is impossible to please everyone. Instead of complaining, look for solutions."

"How much did you pay for the upgrade? How much effort did you put into testing the alphas and betas?"

The hell with them. There are other internet browsers, apparently. I imagine they all have unpleasant fan boys offering "support" though.

E-book readers attract unwanted VAT


Keep the VAT

E books cost less to make but are priced at levels that mean higher profits for vendors. If vendors are worried about customers paying tax they should cut the price. We all have sen the way that when VAT was cut some vendors just kept the price the same, keeping more profit.

Anyway, e books aren't books. A book is a thing you can give or lend or sell on. You can't do that with e books because vendors will want to keep as much control as possible, Some can even take them out of e book readers.

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