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Click fraud botnet unpicked


apr fools/conficter/botnet vs the hidden truth behind the schenes

there are more than meets the eyes. the main hacker that started it all works at dep of trans at the pentagon. originally, the hacker(through windstream(or a copy)) used the backdoor aka pixel error through our graphics card built this worm to help pass a law called the rootlaw. the traffic now redirected psycholigically is blamed on hackers that made the botnet while boosting it so he dont look guilty. this started after he told me to tell the fbi that i discovered a hackers ring in 2009.

i still get over 2000 ips per hour from the real traffic.

whats involved is pixel error using graphics to connect remotely where security doesnt work.

he then takes the backdoor and sends data through cookies to tell the hacker what he requests while the cookies are used to send command. he uses both side of the connection using lists of exploits to break in. im sure the phone situation is linked also to him and is the original source of the worm. the security teams are finally working on that part. he shuts off power while the phone still runs and uses bidirectional antentenas with a ham radio to infect that way while the real spam was actually titles linking to numbers to tell the worm what to do next in order. port 1900 was used to inject the parsings into your browser through a fake hardware device that i can assume connects remotely through your icons on your desktop. you cant rid cause your drive is connected to the fake hardware that works with memory and such where access is denied. i would have been able to fight this worm if the security options were easy to disable. no security would have helped. rid the old cookie system and make a system that the creator cant even break into even if he had info on his system. thats what needs to be done...


Botnet with 60GB of stolen data cracked wide open

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what you dont know that i do. pentagon and microsoft involved since aug 2008.

this info on this site is half right. the hacker's name is bill parks from the pentagon in the department of transportation according to a news reporter after seeking help.

microsoft has been involved every step of the way starting with microsoft and verison certs injected into parts of the worm. the conficters were decoys. the traffic and psychological downsizing is why this is all happening. the botnets were enhanced to cover the tracks while the traffic was used to connect to asia to what is called dns joint forces. the protocol in the law passed that was based on the traffic before the botnet is what this is all about. go to my site for details at www.deepandcrazy.com.....

the media and news is used also to cover the tracks. this hacker has to much power.

the 3 ways the worm affected our machines uses our hubs and phone radio waves to send and recive outside our systems.

the textboxes such as this one is used to inject memory points that come from kernel or higher.

the strange emails that were noticed at the begining with strange subjects were linked to a list of numbers in an xml file that gives the backdoor commands that made it change a lot.

the botnet was enhanced to take blame for the traffic while the pentagon hacker hacked through a pixel error into our graphics memory that is used without any os installed. it gets way more complex after this...


Strathclyde Police website pulled offline, possible hack probed


now do you want the details of whats going on? ill tell ya how they are getting in.

since your going to actually investage the hack, i feel that you may take me seriously when i tell you whats going on. i know that no one knows fully the situation where even your team wont even know whats going on.

here is the the facts.

since the worm and hacker figvht in 2008, i beem fighting this small group involved that came down to 1 person from windstream that i know is the main hacker, and others that used a wyoming number.

the more i faught this worm, the stronger it got. i didnt know what was about to happen next. microsoft came out about the april fools worm that changed into conficters. which need to explain more in details.

now it formed into a major spam ring that is smarter than the greatest teams in the world. known as the BOTNET.

what i saw happen is this group made a well planned out undetectable backdoor that can use any system and own it by a first come first owns rule mention where there is no way to get it back if someone else claims it first.

feb of 2009 is when the incoming ips started where ti was around 2000 ips per hour 24/7 till now. the timing and structure recently linked what i tried not to believe. the first ip belowed to a microsoft CEO in asia which links to all technology used in the worm. what is used is a satalite for geo tuning to hack into your machines. dual band packet injections from my phone infected everyone i contacted.

the company the hacker was going through and still is is windstream. i see all these people argue about google. it came to my attention rright after i reaalized that markmonitor was alwasy found in my system. the timing of it all where i contacted my isp and windstream trying to figure out if the ips were sujppose to be there. it ends up that this is the guy with the same worm problem.

overall, windstream still shows as being the main hancho behind the worm. the botnet did not appear till after this hacker was ttrying to confvince me to go to fbi and tell them i discovered a hacker's ring. tyhen poof, there it is. after the single ip repeated itself ffrom asia tele site with microsoft and xerox involved, this was recently linked to the winners of a tech contest with microsoft. thes winners were given ceo badges.

it ends uip that microsoftt was part of the worm the whole time. and even though everyone is still b elieving that china is doing all this is wrong cause i was being traced as living in amastedam with all the signs of the tcp6 part of it.

what i started to think of is how no one knows of the udp packets which will end up showing you the source.

the source took a dream of mine of the perfect hacker that took all the best qualitys of the most dangerous worms and combinded them into a monster.

the botnet situation i believe may been legit and monitored by authotritys, but was sitting on a desk at the right moment to take blame to account for the high volume used in the ip pings.

this happened for 2 reasons. one ws to save his own butt and the 2nd was to coverup the high volume that affected a passing of whats called the ROOT LAW.

the hacker from windsteam told me to report a hackers ring, then botnet was alive


Texas man cops to botnet-for-hire charges


for compensation, i want validation that this is the original hacker i been fighting since 2008

i been fighting the original botnet since aug 2008. and everything i touched was infected.

i went through 10 phones, 3 phone companys, 4 machines, 3 hubs and routers and all sorts of electronics. all the details about the worm came from me. the hacker was training others to use the botnet and not be detected. the conficters were made detectable on purpose. i can tell ya how it was back then and how it got to where it is today.

the hacker was going through windstream and used 2 connections. one was higher than boot.

it used dual band radio packet injections using the phone towers. originally, the botnet and hacker used both sides of the connection to break through any security i threw at it.

it kept going to Domain servers and it s eemd the 2000 imcoming ips(from pings from my hub), had an effect i believe to whats called ROOT LAW which was passed.

the hacker used the irc name of FERMANDEZ using the IP from the ICMP packet which started with port 53. the port numbers were actually commands telling the botnet what to do next.

anyways, www.deepandcrazy.com for my worm info... still building it.

after 2 years, eather its gotten for undetecable which was first priority, or i see for the first time some relief coming.

anyways, im gonna fight till i know the original hacker behind this that i been fighting is in jail.


Conficker zombies celebrate 'activation' anniversary


i have info on the hackers. been fighting since 2008 aug

i dont care if i get introuble, but the hacker that was building the worm as i kept finding its flaws came from a service called windstream. he had a copy of windstream also that had a pixel error in the scripts on the main page. i dunno if thats related to the mouse jumps at the begining.

i went through extreme caution to avoid wrongful accusations. ill tell you why i know hes the original hacker.

Listed BELOW.

first thing i noticed in monitoring is that windstream.net was used more than all the other ips combined. he was as a remote connection using port 80 going to sites i never went to.

2nd, windstream was one of the original strings in memory that was monitored and kicked him off at that time each time it was typed. you can see the asterixs disapear.

3rd was when i finally got a successful text out to a community site and mentioned windstream started a panic in the hacker who atttempted to shut down the worm shortly after april first. it came back 3 days later.

also the hashcodes when avail showed that the hacker was best buddies with windstream personel. this may be cause he was using root certs he made that was injected into netscape on the first master boot record that allowed him to email anyone as a support agent of microsoft.


WD accused of encryption IP filch

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im sure its not involved, but just in case

i been f ighting this worm longer than anyone due to my system and beyond as its command and control center. one thing i learned about it through millions of experiements is that this worm encrypted each device with firmware and also interaction with the BUS that all data is transmitted througth. this also is linked to driver alterations.

so far, being a limited backdoor, this is what it links to first.


then for me, the hub and operating system and drives.



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