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All good, leave it with you...? Chap is roped into tech support role for clueless customer

Kevin Lomax
IT Angle

"While you're here, could you just..."

Words to strike fear into the heart of any ICT engineer.

Was doing a network equipment audit around the campus we supported and ended up doing the office of the legal department.

Got the usual "oh, you're from IT", followed by "the date and time on our fax machine isn't right...could you just sort it for us while you're here"

Yes...of course...it has a plug so it MUST be IT's responsibility!

So I dug out the manual (which they could have just done themselves) and sorted the darn thing. And therein lies the problem - we're too nice. Should have told them to log a ticket!

Science says death metal fans delightful and intelligent people, great at dinner parties

Kevin Lomax

I remember some national newspaper doing a piece on Slipknot where they got hold of their backstage rider requirements - no doubt looking for something to justify some hysterical headline about metal being the devils work...3 live goats, some black candles and a couple of sacrificial virgins maybe.

Instead they got a list like "cold bottled water" and "organic natural yoghurts"!!


Kevin Lomax

Re: Not surprising

"the dead (in the form of a statue) come to life and the anti-hero gets dragged off to hell by demons"

Sounds pretty darn metal to me...

Kevin Lomax

Re: Musically...

Heck yeah! Or Watershed...or Blackwater Park...or Damnation...anything really!

Also I recommend angL by Ishahn if you want progressive black metal (i.e. has melody and intelligible lyrics!)

Once went to see David Lee Roth back in the 80s (OK that's hair metal rather than death metal) at Birmingham NEC. Had a chat to the security guys for the venue and asked "do you ever get trouble at the metal shows"?

Their answer - "nah, metal fans are just here for the music. We had a massive punch up last week at a Chris de Burgh show though..." !!!

'Men only' job ad posts land Facebook in boiling hot water with ACLU

Kevin Lomax

Re: I think some people might have missed something...

<If you never get the opportunity to even see a job advert, how are you going to apply for it?"

I don't use Facebook - can I sue?? /s

Personally I wouldn't wait for social media to offer me things I might be interested in - the amount of vaguely-relevant spam you get from the liked of LinkedIn is bad enough.

If I was looking for a new position, I'd be hitting the IT recruitment sites looking.

Kind of agree though - why on earth would FB even *have* a button that allows you to filter based on a specific gender in this equal-ops day and age?

Christ appears in phone advert, secular authorities act

Kevin Lomax

Buddy Christ?

Isn't that just a pic of "Buddy Christ" from Kevin Smith's "Dogma"?


California school pulls 'oral sex' dictionary

Kevin Lomax

This sucks....

nuff said

Labour MP experiences nasty video shock horror

Kevin Lomax

Motley Crue?

So Mr Dismore is worried about (presumably) the video for "Girls Girls Girls"? Blimey...you see more in "How to Look Good Naked" than in that video. Good job it doesn't sound like he's seen the video for "Pussy" by Rammstein - he'd go apopleptic!

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