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LibreOffice 6.2 is here: Running up a Tab at the NotebookBar? You can turn it all off if you want

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Re: mailmerge?

But after posting that I thought "Am I sure you can mail merge directly from a spreadsheet?"

So, after googling for one long minute I found this article from 2011 that explains how to do it.

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Re: mailmerge?

I find it easier to create a new database and then, in the create dialog, connect it to a spreadsheet.

Q. What do you call an IT admin for 20-plus young children? A. A teacher

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Re: High hopes

I was reading the article and everytime they mentioned a problem about dealing with kids I thought "and they think dealing with adult users is different because ...."

Apple: You can't sue us for slowing down your iPhones because you, er, invited us into, uh, your home... we can explain

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Re: Um, the whole "contractor" thing doesn't work...

You would, but not for trespassing.

Excuse me, sir. You can't store your things there. Those 7 gigabytes are reserved for Windows 10

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Re: Easy way to regain the 7 GB

No, but it is recommended

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Re: Easy way to regain the 7 GB

How much are you allocating for the swap partition?

Nobody in China wants Apple's eye-wateringly priced iPhones, sighs CEO Tim Cook

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Re: Hermès

A cared for expensive swiss watch may eventually still be used by your grandchild.

A cared for iPhone, not so much.

Phew, galactic accident helps boffins explain dark matter riddle

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Re: Negative Mass

All those jokes comparing dark matter to phlogiston and some serious boffins go on and say 'you know what, it is phlogiston!

Google CEO tells US Congress Chocolate Factory will unleash Dragonfly in China

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Re: The classic track to politics is no longer suitable

"The politicians of 100 years ago didn't identify with the common man who had to go fight in the trenches in WW I"

Actually, after the clusterfuck in Gallipoli Churchill spent some time in the trenches.

Waymo presents ChauffeurNet, a neural net designed to copy human driving

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Re: In other news

Could that be the reason why they are developing the technology?

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Re: How many billions of dollars are being spent chasing this?

No, because people won't learn

In 2018, Facebook is the villain and Microsoft the shining light, according to techies

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Have people forgotten how Microsoft was an early investor in Facebook?

At the time it looked like MS wanted in into the social thingy but now it's clear they wanted Facebook's stalking expertise for the win10 developement.

Waymo's revolutionary driverless robo-taxi service launches in America... with drivers

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"He omitted to mention Elaine Herzberg, the 49-year-old who was struck and killed by an Uber self-driving car"

Since they are not likely to disable emergency braking in these cars I don't see why you would think that's relevant.

Tesla autopilot saves driver after he fell asleep at wheel on the freeway

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Re: The question to ask is whether self-driving trucks will ever be a thing.

For the foreseeable future self driving trucks will still have 'drivers', if only to prevent robbery, but the big point for transport companies is those trucks will be able to keep moving, at least, 22 hours a day

WhamWham, bambam, no thank you, SamSam: Iranians accused by the Feds of orchestrating ransomware outbreak

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Re: Bah

Yes, it's weird, it is almost as if they didn't have seers on staff

Oracle sued by app sales rep: I made tens of millions for Larry, then fired for being neither young nor male – claim

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More likely because she wasn't hired by the people who ended up managing her.

And then because the managers need a scapegoat for the bad performance.

But then, she is in sales, she may be "embelleshing" what happened.

Microsoft slips ads into Windows 10 Mail client – then U-turns so hard, it warps fabric of reality

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Re: WTF?

MS spent years critizing Google for 'reading you mail' in order to display ads, they called it getting 'scroogled'

So now they are doing it themselves.

But,of course, nobody thought they actually believed in what they were saying

Brexit: UK will be disconnected from EU databases after 2020

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Re: We did get fooled again

But you will be.

In fact the ones who make that kind of pompous speeches are likely to be in the second row hearing the shotguns singing.

"Useful idiots" is what you are called by the ones making the shotguns sing.

Six critical systems, four months to Brexit – and no completed testing

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For some reason, in democracies people are expected to be able to understand what they are voting for.

Sure, many don't, for example everyone who doesn't vote the same way I do, but then if you start limiting the vote those who know what they are doing, you end up with the-party-is-always-right regimes.

You know, Democracy is the worst form of government, except for all the others and all that stuff.

Oracle's JEDI mind-meld doesn't work on Uncle Sam's auditors: These are not the govt droids you are looking for

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"legacy cloud infrastructure"

So now we have "legacy" cloud.

Oracle statement is so funny it sounds like parody

Huawei Mate 20 Pro: If you can stomach the nagware and price, it may be Droid of the Year

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Re: Can anyone tell me the advantage of face/print unlock?

"Nobody has yet managed to pluck a thought from someone's head "

Of course they have, it's a method called "torture".

Disgusting, maybe, but it works pretty well.

Google vows to take claims of sexual assault, harassment seriously, just like privacy

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Re: women at the company make 99.7 cents

Yes, it is 0.3% less.

You know, such a statistically significant difference

SMBs: We don't want to spoil all of this article, but have you patched, taken away admin rights, made backups yet?

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You have a point, of course, but I doubt things can really be a lot more simpler than they now are.

We (may) now know the real reason for that IBM takeover. A distraction for Red Hat to axe KDE

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Re: Without KDE, RHEL is GNOME to Hell

If Dolphin was half as good managing files as Konqueror was in KDE 3, I would believe it wasn't intentional.

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Re: Without KDE, RHEL is GNOME to Hell

On the other hand, the way Konqueror has been gutted in KDE defies belief.

Should a robo-car run over a kid or a grandad? Healthy or ill person? Let's get millions of folks to decide for AI...

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Re: philosophical navel gazing wank-fest

I was going to post something about angels dancing on pins, but yes, "philosophical navel gazing wank-fest" works too.

SQLite creator crucified after code of conduct warns devs to love God, and not kill, commit adultery, steal, curse...

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Re: I have a code of conduct

"Tolerance means tolerating those who's actions/opinions you truly hate."

So, I have to tolerate pedophiles?

I don't think so.

Microsoft points to a golden future where you can make Windows 10 your own

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No fear! you could still use cURL

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Re: Deinstall Win 10?

It's live usb nowadays

Chinese biz baron wants to shove his artificial moon where the sun doesn't shine – literally

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"The idea is the brainchild of Wu Chunfeng"

Nope, Uncle Scrooge did it decades ago to save on lighting costs

Sure, Europe. Here's our Android suite without Search, Chrome apps. Now pay the Google tax

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Re: What a case of dog bites man...

No, because then they would be abusing their office suite monopoly.

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"Android has destroyed all OS competition in mobile, except for Apple - because nobody else could charge for a mobile OS."

Nah, not really, Microsoft used their patent extorsion racket to make it more expensive than Windows Phone.

The OEM still used Android.

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Re: Chaos

It is not hard, the EU has told Google that giving those apps for free is anticompetetive, so now they are asking money for them.

I case nobody remembers, Microsoft used to make a N version of windows version for the EU without IE and media player, maybe they still do, it is hard to tell because, after all, nobody ever bought it.

Google is likely hoping the same will happen here, worse thing that will happen in Sansumg not including their apps instead of installing both theirs and Googles'.

And besides, even if they do, instructions to install Google play in those devices will be in the internet for all to see, even with the Sansumg browser.

Well, now that I think of it the worse thing that will happen is nerds like us will end installing it in all the family devices.

The new Huawei is going upmarket, but the old Huawei still threatens

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Re: The real challenge for Huawei

If some Ming control freak had not stopped naval expeditions back in 1433 world history may have been very different.

Although from his point of view it made some sense, after all they were so advanced compared to the rest of the world that everything worth having was already at China.

Microsoft deletes deleterious file deletion bug from Windows 10 October 2018 Update

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Re: Bad user!

"not the My Documents one - even if a lot of bad applications - often ported from Linux..."

You mean like, for example, outlook?

Yes, those Linux so called "programmers", they don't have a clue

Microsoft: OK, we have no phones, but look how much we love Android

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"While it's dispiriting for Microsoft fans to see the company working so hard on Android"

Yes, all three of them

Your specialist subject? The bleedin' obvious... Feds warn of RDP woe

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Re: Useful advice that won't help

"he worked from home with a thin client"

So, you configure the firewall to block the 3389 port for every IP except his home one.

If that IP isn't fixed you specify a range, but you knew that.

Sunny Cali goes ballistic, this ransomware is atrocious. Even our IT bill will be something quite ferocious

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Re: So many systems

As usual xkcd explains it all

Android Phones are 10: For once, Google won fair and square

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Yeah, he could have mentioned how Sun's CEO welcomed Android

WWII Bombe operator Ruth Bourne: I'd never heard of Enigma until long after the war

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Re: Partial truth, partial cover up ?

You can read about Admiral Dönitz desperation in his memoirs, but they never thought their special Enigma machines could be cracked.

Also, getting the germans to believe the bristish navy could detect the radar installed in the submarines helped, as they were made to emerge blind.

But really, the Enigma cracking was top secret for decades, pretending to believe that such a highly detailed cracking was faked decades after those alleged spies needed protecting makes no sense.

London tipped to lead European data market. Yes, despite Brexit!

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Re: "absolutely nobody wants to live in Frankfurt"

Charm? Paris?!!!

Ok, it may have the marketing, but real charm?

You have to be kidding.

Not so much changing their tune as enabling autotune: Facebook, Twitter bigwigs nod and smile to US senators

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Re: Pleas pass an American GDPR.

Absolutely, you can be certain of that by the way those companies have imploded in the UE

AI sucks at stopping online trolls spewing toxic comments

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Re: However not that many people are mature and well-adjusted.

In engineering it is usually considered a good idea to design with the worst case scenario in mind.

Golden State passes gold-standard net neutrality bill by 58-17

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California can prove that ISP money can’t defeat real people’s voicesSilicon Valley Money

That's more likely really

Unpicking the Pixel puzzle: Why Google is struggling to impress

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Re: And that makes them different from Apple in that...?

And that relates to "This is what we sell. Now buy it.Don't like <feature> ? Tough. That's how we do it." in that ...?

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Re: (whispers) Google aren't a very good product company ...

"Googles idea of "marketing" is clearly "This is what we sell. Now buy it.Don't like <feature> ? Tough. That's how we do it."

And that makes them different from Apple in that...?

It may be poor man's Photoshop, but GIMP casts a Long Shadow with latest update

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Re: +1 about the GUI ...

Seriously, after the "fractured disparate approarch" that's Windows 10 GUI, you should have used a different "big vendor" for your trolling.

Drink this potion, Linux kernel, and tomorrow you'll wake up with a WireGuard VPN driver

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Re: Because it's still a module?

More likely they want it to be a module that gets included in the Linus sanctioned kernel instead of being a out-of-tree module you have to patch in the kernel source yourself.

You want to know which is the best smartphone this season? Tbh, it's tricky to tell 'em apart

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That's definitely something to keep in mind if you have reason to believe Mission Impossible operatives are going to want to read the files in your phone.

But in real life, not so much

IBM wants everyone to marvel at the size of its Strategic Imperatives

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"IBM paid 13.5 per cent tax rate, some $353m, in the quarter compared to 4.5 per cent or $111m in the year-ago quarter."

Indeed, tax cuts, that's why they paid more tax.


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