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Guinness to hit three quid a pint


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“This is good news. I totally believe in minimum pricing. Without doubt it is the supermarkets causing the binge-drinking problems and they need their knuckles wrapped.”

Since when did the piss-head community in city centres all get their booze anywhere else than bars, pubs and clubs? I never saw any dragging Tesco carrier bags full of the stuff around?!?

Here in Germany you can buy a beer cheaper than water almost anywhere/anytime, people drink in the streets and supermarkets have beers from 5€ a crate yet there are no such social problems?

Why aren't those causing the trouble punished, instead of punishing everyone else two fold through over-charging for going out to have a drink, and having to deal with the implications of the problem not actually being tackled. The police should be arresting drunks and then dishing out appropriate punishment, not pushing them out of the centres to vandalise and destroy anything in their path, free from the possibility of the police bringing them to justice because they are too busy pushing more people away to terrorise the rest of us. Yet again the government prove their only real goal is to tax the lifeblood out of the people whilst failing to tackle anything.



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