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Virgin throttles national cable network

joe orpin

gaming always drops when upgrades come around

as a telewest customer for the 6 years (2 on dial up) i have noticed a pattern.

when i 1st got BB it was a 512kbs line with 64kbs upload.

i got really good ping times on a game(q3)

then it went up to 1mb with 128k upload,could use 2 computers and get low ping times in games.

then when free up grade's started to happen then ping times were out the window.

i had this for nearly 6months ( due to overloaded UBR) they took on to many customers,and didn't have the bandwidth.

ubr utilization was at 80-90% until they upgraded then it fell to 60 all was well.

but now it has resurfaced with the 20mb upgrade,

my money says the ubr is maxing out due to insufficient bandwith to cope with increase in speed.

VM need to stop worrying about getting as many new customers thinking they can have 20mb and keep there service at a level there ubr can handle.

they could even cap taking on new customer's until they can upgrade accordingly(yeh like thats going to happen)



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