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Goodbye Vulcan: Blighty's nuclear bomber retires for the last time

Ian Prickett

Re: (Drifting OT) Teller-Ulam configuration

My father worked on the same project at AV Roe and was also sent to Woomera for the test firings, maybe they worked together (he was on the autopilot side)? He still remembers how the Vulcan jumped when they dropped the full sized ones (most were 1/3rd scale).

Flash could be CHEAPER than SAS DISK? Come off it, NetApp

Ian Prickett

Re: A few extra data points

"@Anonymous - the $/GB of SAS increases relative to the $/GB of SATA, i.e. it's not going to fall at the same rate, e.g. SATA might drop around 20% vs SAS at about 5-10%. If the system was in $/GB you'd see a bunch of logarithmic curves with TLC flash dropping really fast and crossing over the curve for SAS but still being an order of magnitude more expensive than SATA. It might seem counterintuitive initially but this is actually one of the clearest ways of showing the relative costs."

Thanks for responding to my question, I'd really like to see the non-normalized version of this chart as otherwise it reminds me of a book I own called 'How to Lie with Statistics' as where the choice of axis and normalization is made to reinforce the premise rather than make it clearer.

HP: Autonomy overstated 2010 profits, cuts them by 81 PER CENT

Ian Prickett

Re: Autonomy reported profits of £105.7m for fiscal year 2010, The real profit was just £19.6m

Plus $105M profit on $175M turnover, how come no-one called BS on that?

Virus lab blogger collared by blundering copyright cop bot

Ian Prickett

Re: Malware copyright?

" I've done this with my theses--which wasn't particularly appreciated by my tutors, but that's another story"

Which I for one would be interested in hearing :)

Curiosity phones home through Amazon cloud

Ian Prickett

Well their site sucked for me

Lots of missing thumbnails that wouldn't load on the raw pictures page, had to wait for an hour before the site was usable.

'Unibody' iPhone 5 said to debut in October

Ian Prickett

Oh yes Mr analyst nobody, let me share my main customer's most closely guarded secrets with you....


Google uncloaks the Nexus One

Ian Prickett

I'm pretty sure my iPhone 3G worked fine in the UK

So I took my US AT&T iPhone 3G to the UK and it connected fine to the Orange and Vodafone 3G networks without any problems so I'm not sure why the new Google phone wouldn't be able to do the same as I've not heard of UK 3G phones not being able to connect to the AT&T 3G network.......

Seems odd that Google/HTC are going to produce a Verizon version of the phone but aren't willing to have their 3G one support AT&T unless it's just an excuse to limit wireless provider choice, way to shake up the industry Google.

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