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William Shatner to star in Twitter-inspired TV show


Don't you mean Twit- Cooooooom!

This is Shatner,

BTW stop the insanity of avatars and emotocons made with images, if you can't program it in basic on a PET you should not be saying it on the inter, web, tube thing. I'm pulling the phone from the cradle permently this time!

Welcome to the out-of-control decade


There is one central thing here the WWW

Without it none of this would even be being discussed, the problem with it is that it goes against the original central premise of the internet. To make a decentralized NUCLEAR WAR SURVIVING network, web sites are highly centralized and do not meaningfully replicate each others data and now often have elaborateness filtering and censorship methods built into them, witness the illusion of mod'ing for controlling unfavorable postings(gives the illusion of participation) , no longer under the control of one or a few individuals much is automated and controlled by large corporate interests who's only purpose is to make grotesque amounts money for the very few at the top of there structures (please do not try to flame me about making money for there shareholders, that fantasy went out the window, with the baby, when the majority of people who had no business being in the market were effectively forced into it through mutual funds and 401k's)

There is a clear progression of control progressing from the mid '80's (no CyberPunk dystopia you could site will be anywhere near as grim as it will actually be)

This argument is long and to long for this post, but the WWW enable a way for people who had power to gain and maintain control over the internet centralizing rather that decentralizing and thus control over data and control over lives

Stainless steel rat aside(has anyone actually read those books, nice fantasy not so much with reality)

There is little space left for resistance, it isn't CyberPunk it's the Borg and I don't mean in a hot Borg Queen way that can ridiculously be by defeated individual appeals to supposed non-existant human weakness, there is no human weakness since despite there(notice) legal status as people corporations have none of the responsibilities, liabilities, or human characteristics of actual humans

The corporation enabled the web the web enabled the corporation, get over the idea of freedom, you want freedom check out the back ground of Cheney and Rumsfeld and there ilk they planned for decades and now they are free some of the very few it will tell you how to go about it

I know I stray a bit but this is only a part of a much larger problem of what will constitute human existence for decades or if we are very lucky century's to come, but consider the structural differences between a BBS/USNET structure and a WWW/database structure and what that means in terms of who controls information and by extension who controls peoples lives

Final thought, Why is it you have a Credit rating and who exactly gave them the mandate or the tools to determine this for your life.

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