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Apple will FAIL in corporate land 'because IT managers hate iPads'



Congratulations! Macaloped: "Macalope would, however, like to know what kind of hallucinogens the staff at The Register take that makes them think that headline is OK. Because, WOW." FAIL indeed.

Great Fall of China: iPhone 5C sales lag as blinged-up 5S sells out


Horrors! Apple Doomed!

Apple sells a ton of phones and the high priced ones go first, in a market that pundits says can't pony up the cash. How very patronizing of them.

Cook: iPad is a gateway drug which leads to harder Mac addiction

Thumb Up

Better Bet

Apple has a better bet of surviving the mobile revolution than does Microsoft, for exactly the reasons Cook stated. Microsoft will become the IBM of this millennium, a service centered shell of its former self.

Apple share-price-off-a-cliff: Told you that would happen


Another pathetic punditi.

Sergey Brin emasculated after HORROR smartphone disaster


Is that a smartphone in your pocket, Sergie, or are you just glass to see me?

Chinese Apple pirate Kuaiyong sets sail for rest of WORLD


The developers themselves speak...

Not. I notice the reporter didn't contact any actual, real live developers. Could not get a quote that worked for you? Didn't bother? Do know much about journalism? Against Register policy?

Apple supremo Tim Cook's pay packet slashed 99% in 2012


Old Reliable

Trust the Register to pick up on a bogus story.

Apple iPod Touch 5G review


Check the spex

Worth mentioning that the 32G iPod touch I bought two years ago was the same price as the new one today. It was discounted later on. Apple sold a lot of them. So there must be a market for them. I will be getting one myself. It's sweet.

"The only good computer is the one you have with you." http://www.reghardware.com/Design/graphics/icons/comment/alert_32.png

Only Apple can get away with App Stores


Touch.alt as shopping device ... killer feature

And ... Apple competitors need to think of the Touch as a mobile purchasing device. Shopping, using a camera as ID and credit card verification system is a killer feature that Apple has neglected. An alternative to the Touch with localization and purchasing. Yeow.


Touch with eyes, Touch with ears

And ... stick a camera and a mic on it. Yeow.


A Touch of Apps

The Apple competitors are missing the boat, not producing an alternative to the iPod Touch, which drives a lot of business to the App Store. If Moto or Palm would put one out at $100 base, they would clean up.

iSlate? I spy more control from Cupertino


OSX versus Android/Chrome

The writer pussyfoots around. Here's a real prediction you can check a year from now. In 2010, Apple's safe-app approach will be proven a much, much, much stronger business and distribution model than Google's laissez-faire approach.

Google's "don't care what you do" model will be riven with complaints and issues about access, versioning, corruption, and fraud.

Apple's so called "control freak" model will allow us to move on with our lives, doing all the things we want to do with computers other than screwing around with computers.

You read it here first.


Cupertino vs. Google

Let's not pussyfoot around, as the writer does. Here's a prediction you can bet on: A year from now the Android and Chrome app world will be riven with issues related to quality, revisioning, corruption, and outright fraud.

Meanwhile the Mac and iPhone app world will move along in fine fettle cuz' it's built for users who want to do cool stuff WITH these devices, not waste their time messing with them.


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