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Sysadmin running a Mac fleet? IBM has just thrown you a lifeline


Re: RE: Imagine that.

He still is, only took a different form factor ;)

Want to know what an organisation is really like? Visit the restroom


Excellent article

Bottom line, canteen and bogs are the face of any company, people just have to have a peek there. Author forgot to mention the quality of the toilet paper and hand towels.

Saying that, this quite reminds me of the book, titled "How to Run a Company Into the Ground", I read a while ago.


Hackers hit NATO, White House – then aimed at MH17 air disaster probe


Re: ISIS? Like F**k!

So Saddam had WMD and Ghadafi had hump for HillaryC ;)

It is only that western media proclaims Asad "murderer", and those barbarians chopping peoples heads on public TV are "moderate rebels"...give me a brake... Like it or not, Asad is the legitimate president of Syria, and according to the UN law, he has invited Russia to help. NATO is illegaly there, according to UN and international law, and illegaly trying to change legitimate regime, as it was doing it in Ukraine.

Russia is looking into its own geopolitical strategy there, nothing more, nothing less, as is NATO.


Re: Eh. what?

Serbia never had BUK, and has not purchased such "old systems", otherwise, it would have been slightly different outcome on 1999 NATO bombing. Croatia purchased S-300 system from Ukraine in 1990s, but incomplete, so it was not usable to them.

BUK missile that hit MH17 has not been in manufacturing since 1986, and we all know what happened after SSSR got disolved and where some of those weapons ended up...untraced....and why we got so many rich Russinans now....

As who operated that particular BUK that knocked down MH17, we may not find out, ever, as there are too many political games on both sides. Also, to operate BUK, you need to have highly trained personnel, and those do not come available on the job market.

So far we can have some of those theories (please add to the list):

1. Rebels shot it with stolen unit from Ukrainian army - untrained personnel

2. Rebels shot it with stolen unit from Ukrainian army – Ukrainian Su-25 in the shadow of MH17, mixed with point 1

3. Ukrainian army shot it – not informed that commercial flights are in that corridor

4. Ukrainian army shot it – another plane in the shadow of MH17, possibly Russian

5. Conspiracy theory – scientist had cure for AIDS had to be “terminated”

Today is not New Year's Eve - or the end of the decade


Change you religion :)

Well, Christian Orthodox Church (well, most of them) are still using Julian calendar, so I'm having Christmas on 7th Jan. I'll drink to that occasion, again....And we also have a New year on 1 Jan, which to other people it would be 13 Jan, so I'm having a dress rehearsal for that occasion tonight....


Life is not to bad, Christmas comes twice a year

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