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Judge guts suit against Sony for killing Linux in PS3


sony == shits

Its simple - if people keeping buying the crap products and sony keeps shitting on them then sony will happily carry on. I for one think everything with sony on it is pure evil.

What sealed Nokia's fate?


Finnish culture compounded with RoW politics

Nokia had a system for end user testing called TRUE whereby you got a phone to use and you entered bugs into a database. It worked on the principle of motivation by gifts - if you got into the top 10 reporters you got free stuff - or at the end you got to keep the phone. You got points based on whether bugs were accepted or already known.. Yada yada. However certain POS employees realised by dumping blocks of errors they would still get a point for each. Hence the databases got stuffed with utterly retarded reports such as 'phone does not make call' - unrepeatable problems. Couple that with the fact that nokias phone home fault system was utterly useless in helping symbian guys find the bugs within that crappy OS you had a receipe for fail.

Most of the last symbian phones (N95 - aalto, N96, N97 - ivalo) where known to be real bug bags when finally released to the market.. But in Nokia people had literially lost all hope of decent phones - so the 'good enough' mentality meant 'just get it out so we can move on with our lives'


Finnish culture compounded with RoW politics

Basically from working in Nokia I found Fins sometimes struggled to focus on actually getting something out the door. Some smart guy in Nokia named it as corporate attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. They spent so much time planning, replanning, redesigning, replanning again, re-specing, redesigning.. That in the end they never got anything finished. The N900 struggled to get out the door - that it did was a major positive - what did they do ? Instead of smoothing the rough edges and releasing new hardware they seemed to chuck everything in the bin and start again.

Orange punts quality calling


hmm - its probably for capacity yet again..

The ETSI WBamr specification has a top rate of 23.85kbps but I'm pretty sure only the three bottom rates of 6.6, 8.85 and 12.65kbps will be used. Orange could possibly limit to 6.6 kbps and hence gain extra capacity. The good news is that 6.6 sounds better to my ears than the standard 12.2 narrow band rate.


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