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Begone, Demon Internet: Vodafone to shutter old-school pioneer ISP


The Edinburgh vPOP was a row of modems in an attic in Trinity. I got a job there in the mid-ninties and was quite surprised when I turned up for my first day at work. (The interview was in a local pub).

Oracle pours a mug o' Java 11 for its addicts, tips pot of Binary Code License down the sink


They've been in the Apache StringUtils library for years.

WWII Bombe operator Ruth Bourne: I'd never heard of Enigma until long after the war


"Bletchley Park's code-breakers are credited by historians with shortening the war by two years."

This appears so often in BP stories that I'm beginning to think it's some kind of legal requirement.

It also ignores the fact that the Allies would have had nuclear weapons in 1945 regardless of the work done at BP. So BP may have saved Berlin from becoming an smoking hole in August of '45 but it's unlikely that it shortened the war by two years.

Behold the fruit of your techie utopia: A $43 San Francisco fog-infused martini


Future Generations...

...will date the end of Western Civilisation from the time when vodka became the default setting for a martini.

Microsoft to fund Blake's 7 return as Xbox Live exclusive


Sequel Script, Page 1, Line 1:

And then Avon woke up and Blake was in the shower.

IT consultant freed after almost three years in Baghdad

Paris Hilton

What's the first thing he did on release?

Can't wait to see that timesheet.

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