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Nokia cuts staff, fiddles with E7


We're running late, let's get rid of people

The logic behind this baffles me.

Tube to get phone coverage by the Olympics


The train is already connected to a network...

It's powered by electricity. So just develop a hacked version of DSL running over the powered 3rd rail. Simples.

UK.gov pledges licence fee 'rethink' over heavy catch-up use


Turn it into a refund / TV is becoming irrelevant

The license fee is, essentially, a tax.

I never quite understood why there has to be yet another paper pushing factory for it.

As over 95% of the population is using it, just turn it into another tax already.

Add a tick box to the tax form for "License fee refund" for the less than 5% of people that need it, and presto.

You can try to fleece the students or pensioners, but if there's no money to be had, you won't get it off them anyway. Sending them ever more threatening letters won't help -- and actually going to collect the money will cost more than the license fee is bringing in.

There's always the chance that piped TV is rapidly becoming irrelevant for students in halls -- proper internet connection, torrents-a-go-go and you get all the video-on-demand (without commercials too!) you ever wanted -- and that content is quite possibly not made by the BBC so they shouldn't get money for it either.


LG 42LH3000 42in LCD TV


it's a CI / common interface slot

for things like Setanta sport etc.

Nokia jacks up Apple patent complaint

Thumb Down

Dear Nokia,

Patent wars will badly lose you geek-credibility points, quickly.

If you're ever going to win the "war" with Apple on the smartphone front, you'll need applications in your app-store, to write those you'll need developers -- because no matter how good your smartphones are, if there is no application libary to match Apple's you will eventually lose out.

Chasing the developers away with silly patent fights isn't a good step strategically.

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