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Hundreds of UK CSC staff face chop, told to train Indian replacements


Re: I thought it worked like this...

If you leave one company, and come back to the same company as a freelance consultant without having another job/contract in between the two, you are classed as being a full time person and HAVE to pay the appropriate taxes! It's a stipulation that defines whether you, in the eyes of the taxman, are essentially a full time person working for a company, or working for yourself.

Osbo jacks up spending on spooks to keep us safe from TERROR


Re: What terrorists?

I wonder what percentage of the GDP was spent on counter terrorism activities whilst the IRA were running around with bombs blowing things up compared to now.?

I would hazard a guess that it is a lot less.

Now everyone is considered to be a terrorist and monitored as such.

Snowden: 'Hey, Assange, any more room on Ecuador's sofa?'


Re: I wonder how long before Ecuador ends up on the "state sponsored terrorism" list

The Taliban which we are trying our best to destroy has never attacked any country outside of Afghanistan. It has attacked plenty of people who have invaded or tried to invade the country but never committed any terrorist atrocity outside of Afghanistan.

The only way to actually defeat the Taliban would be to take a leaf out of Hitlers book to see what he tried and failed with the Jewish population. Obviously this isn't going to happen, so we'll never defeat them. We never defeated the IRA in all of those years, so why do people think we'll win against the Taliban.

Off topic: But why destroy poppy fields in Afghanistan when we are spending money to grow poppy's in the UK for pharmaceutical use? Why not allow the Afghans to grow poppy's (afterall they've had plenty of experience) and use that instead? We'd save money destroying the crop, save money protecting the crops in the UK (farmers themselves aren't allowed to harvest said poppy fields), and probably get it a lot cheaper!

Google Nexus 7 Android tablet


3G a problem??

Not sure why people are commenting on the tablet not having 3G connection, most if not all of the users will have at least an iPhone or an Android one, both of which can tether. How many people will use the tablet and not have their phone nearby? Not many, therefore, I see the tablet as not having 3G a blessing.

Just waiting for the 10" version now.

Brits get to fondle Google Nexus 7 slab in just a fortnight


Conversion rate

So a $199 8GB version equates to a £159 UK price, therefore how come the $25 credit only equates to a £15 UK one? Sure it should be either £119 for an 8GB version, or £20 credit?

Powerful, wallet-sized Raspberry Pi computer sells out in SECONDS


There wasn't a problem in manufacturing them in the UK, but the cost of importing the individual components incurred extra tax or import duty (cannot remember which), whereas importing the whole completed board didn't!

Since there are no component manufacturers for SMD (that I'm aware of) in the UK, it would simply be assembled here, as opposed to totally manufactured in UK PLC. However, even that would have meant a much higher price, which wouldn't have come down anytime soon since it is a government tax issue that is putting the price up.

New Trojan routes your bank's calls to CROOKS

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Good Idea

Great idea, which bank is that so I can change to?

Serial killer PYTHONS stalk Florida's Everglades


Most snakes are ambush predators, simply bed down for a period of time and wait for the prey to come close enough to grab it. Constrictors are also known to catch prey whilst it sleeps.

Microsoft celebrates the death of IE6


IE6 Still Lives

Working in software development for two companies whose main client consists of the NHS, I can safely say that IE6 is alive and kicking and in no danger of being replaced by anything else anytime soon.

As much as I would to state the death of IE6, it is still a thorn in my side!

That Brit-built £22 computer: Yours for just £1,900 or more

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Missing the point

I whole heartedly agree on the main point mentioned by other posters in that these are expensive items. However, I somehow think the people bidding for them are doing so in the knowledge that they are helping a charity (tax deductable as well).

There's a whole host of items sold on eBay for charities which have reached well in excess of the actual value of said item. Most ordinary IT folks who have an average or slightly above salary won't be bidding on these items, so no need for people to get heated by saying wait for the final product. I for one will buy one when available and at an affordable price (for me).

The moment a computer crash nearly caused my car crash


Known Focus problem

Expect that to happen more and more as the sensor dies! Eventually, it'll be showing you 0mph more than the correct speed. (You may also notice the radio goes quieter since it turns the volume up slightly to compensate for the extra road/engine noise.)


Modern ABS

Alot of modern ABS systems actually kick in before the wheel stops rotating (i.e. skidding), as opposed to kicking in when the wheel actually stops rotating. Therefore it is improving the overall stopping distance in a similar manner to a very good driver pumping the brakes (prior to ABS being fitted as standard).

The whole idea of pumping the brakes/ABS is to maximise the braking efficiency of the car whilst retaining moveability. As has been pointed out, sometimes the stopping distance is greater than the distance you need to stop in (car pulling out of a junction), therefore being able to rapidly slow down and avoid said obstacle avoids additional paperwork.

NEWSFLASH: Chips cheaper than disks



Having had the argument previously about reliability between HDD ad SSD with a colleague at work (who also kept quoting the Coding Horror article), I talked to Matt Heaton, from Bluehost etc, who said that in their companies experience, SSD's fail less often than HDD's. Given the size of the companies involved, I cannot imagine they would have taken the step from HDD to SSD lightly and without some hard facts about reliability of SSD.

Obviously backup's are a given for either storage solutions, but if it's good for Blue host then it's good enough for me!

Ex-Microsofties' IE6 kill squad hits UK



The main culprit from my experience is the public sector, the NHS still has a very high percentage of computers running IE6 due to legacy applications. I somehow doubt that the NHS is going to spend any money in upgrading thousands of computers simply to see mainly external websites in their full splendour!

LG shows two-picture TV for gamers

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Great Idea

Instead of using this to play PS3 games on, how about using it to split the TV into two different channels? I could watch the football, the wife could watch East Enders and we'll still be on the same couch. (Not sure she would appreciate my reaction if we scored!)

Skype shelves call charges


Where's Skype for Android?

Skype are missing out on a whole bunch of people who refuse to bow down to Apple and have themselves an Android phone. Skype on my Desire would be a brilliant combination, provided it wasn't just limited to wireless and could use the 3G connection as well.

Fring has been blocked by Skype, but without Skype putting anything in its place. I know there is a Skype client but only on 3 and Verizon.

Car thieves making clean getaway with GPS jammers

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Road price charging

If the UK ever brings in a nationwide road pricing policy, then the sale off such jammers will increase. I think it may be wise to get hold of one now rather than wait until demand rises..

iPhone keeps buried earthquake victim alive for three days


iPhone keeps man alive

On reading the headlines, you'd think that using the iPhone prolonged his life by emitting water or some other hydrate, but no it was the information contained within....

Information that for most people is called common sense, but then again, we are talking about someone who comes from a country were they need to label coffee and tea as being hot! Once saw a commedian who suggested that all warnings from food etc should be removed and allow natural selection to sort out the gene pool.

IE6 exposed as Google China malware unpicked

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Something suspicious is going on.

The US government uses IE6 for legal wire tapping.

Google is caught using IE6.

Chinese target IE6.

A bigger issue at play here me thinks, than a couple of corporations being hacked. Maybe the real targets were the US Government and anyone else infected was merely collateral damage.

US will complain to China about Google hacking

Paris Hilton

China has US by the short and curlies.

The biggest contributor to the IMF is China, the biggest recipient of IMF money (loan's etc) is USA. China has enough reserves of US dollars that it could easily cause the collapse of the US dollar, and still have enough then to buy quality US firms at knock down prices.

Until the US lives within its means, and rids itself of Chinese financial support, there is very little the US can do!

Paris, well the title says it all.

Google tries to quietly trample on Apple's toes


Cover all bases

Have numerous reviews each one getting more positive, starting from it will fail big time, and I'm sure you'll get the prediction right!

Firefox 3.5 wins top dog browser crown - sort of


Wot about Chrome + Linux

Does the spike in Google Chrome coincide with the Beta release for Linux fans?

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