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Canadians moot methods to embiggen moose monument and make Mac great again


It's actually called "storelgen", not "storelegen", which would translate to "the big doctor". Elgen = the moose, legen = the doctor.

Conference alert: Think you can save money by going Serverless?


How many companies *actually* have wildly fluctuating server needs?

Is it really cheaper to rent space with someone else if you have a fairly steady need and can purchase your own capacity that covers your own needs + maybe a slight buffer?

You still need to pay for the same capacity with the other company, plus their profit margin.

Microsoft Teams goes free, as free as the wind blows... up to a point


Re: Goodbye BOFHs!

Is that organisation Microsoft?

Cisco snags potential customer-sniffing biz for an undisclosed sum


So is this technology GDPR compliant, or did Cisco buy itself a big bag of trouble?

Elon Musk's latest Tesla Model 3 delivery promise: 6,000... a week


Re: Nahhhhh

Or the bottle of water is insanely expensive

My PC makes ‘negative energy waves’, said user, then demanded fix


With Logitech you can order new receivers and pair them to existing keyboards/mice. I would assume other vendors have similar systems

UK takes first step towards criminalising driverless car hackers


Re: Can they do something more useful instead?

You are wrong, unless the tires you put on are WILDLY out of spec for the car

Neil Young slams Google, after you log in to read his rant with Google or Facebook


Maybe he could take the fight with the record companies who choose to keep almost all of the income from streaming sites instead of passing it to the artist.

There are other, legal ways to nab Microsoft emails, privacy groups remind Supremes


Which does not matter, because the data is protected by EU law the second it enters the EU.

EU law protects *everyone*, EU citizen or not.

AI taught to beat Sudoku puzzles. Now how about a time machine to 2005?


Re: This isn't new

I don't think you have actually read the article fully

Comodo CA acquired by Francisco Partners ...


Hopefully this will end up in Comodo being blacklisted as a CA in the same way Symantec has become

Happy New Year! Love, Microsoft: Price rises? Aw, you shouldn't have


Same thing in North Europe. 10% in January 2018 and another 10% in 2019

I love disruptive computer jargon. It's so very William Burroughs


Re: Hmm.

If it's from Oracle, the official pronunciation is "squeel" (because it's what you do after they tell you to bend over).

If it's from any other vendor, I prefer "ess-cue-ell"

WordPress has adverse reaction to Facebook's React.js licence


Re: Very odd decision I think...

The Apache ban and the decision from Wordpress are two separate things, except they were done for the same reason.

Fujitsu looking to flog its smartphones biz – report


Fujitsu has a mobile phone business?

Dear racist Airbnb host, we've enrolled you in an Asian American studies course


Re: Trump's rules

Should have

Games rights-holders tell ZX Spectrum reboot firm: Pay or we pull titles


Do you actually believe yourself what you wrote there?

Intel, Samsung join Apple, FTC firing squad against rival Qualcomm


It prevents healthy competition in the market which might artificially inflate prices for consumers, so it's not just the billion dollar companies that lose

Callisto Group snoopers wreak havoc with leaked HackingTeam spyware


"And there is the answer to the question - would it really be so bad if the UK Gov (and now the EU and US it seems) could instantly backdoor into any secure communication taking place...."

Yes. Next question?

A webcam is not so much a leering eye as the barrel of a gun


Re: When squirrels were squirrels and men were men

Any software (trojan or other) can easily re-enable your webcam and send as much video as it wants. Putting something in front of the lens removes that possibility.

Why I had to sue the FCC – VoIP granddaddy Dan Berninger


Re: Pushing at an open door

The problem usually isn't with ISP's blocking traffic from competitors, but rather that they say "pay us extra for your traffic or we will throttle your traffic to 20KB/s". When you're a small startup, that becomes a major problem.

Telling everyone to "just use Amazon and you will be fine" is not a solution.

Trump hits control-Z on cybersecurity order: No reason given for delay


Re: Is it possible...

This has been debunked so many times it's not even funny

Has President Trump’s executive order on 'Public Safety' killed off Privacy Shield?


"But the list of these countries wasn't put together by Trump or Pence, it was Obama's administration that came up with the list."

[Citation needed]

Annoyingly precocious teen who ruined Trek is now an asteroid


I seriously don't understand the hate against Wesley Crusher. He might not have been the best character in Star Trek, but I don't find it deserving all the hate.

Oh, and Wil Wheaton seems like an truly good guy, so I personally think this honor was deserved.

One BEEELLION dollars: Apple sues Qualcomm, one of its chip designers


Re: I, for one,

Why? Do you have any vested interest in Qualcomm being able to gouge their customers, and by extension us consumers?

Fired Ofcom Remainer bod sues UK gov for withholding his payoff


Re: Almost right

Yeltsin was nowhere near as bad as Trump gears up to become...

Have some sympathy for the AT&T devil


"Have some sympathy for the AT&T devil"

Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. No.

UK Home Secretary signs off on Lauri Love's extradition to US


He was in the UK when he commited the crime, so the act was commited in the UK.

If I remember correctly, it is a crime punishable by prison time to dishonor the king of the Philipines. Would you want to be extradited there and face prison time if you ever wrote something negative about him, even if you had never been there?

Samsung flings $8bn at buyout of connected car biz Harman


Harman does A LOT more than "headrest screens". I did a quick Google search, and they own JBL, Harman Kardon, Mark Levinson, AKG, Lexicon, Infinity and Revel, and deliver products ranging from professional audio production to cinemas, high end hi-fi and car stereos.

Got a cold flannel? Acer Q3 profits were bigger than cost of your lunch



How is the quality of their computers these days? They started out by being good and cheap, so I bought a few of their laptops until the quality suddenly tanked and your best bet was that it lasted until the day after the warranty expired. After that I went mostly with Asus and Lenovo and have been mostly happy with their quality.

So is Acer good enough these days to give them another chance?

Fire alarm sparked data centre meltdown emergency


Eggs can probably take more than a non-SSD spinning, though

This is not a drill: Hackers pop stock Nexus 6P in five minutes


Weak trolling. Must try harder.

Paid Wikipedia-fiddling on wheels


Re: So

>The Trump?

I would go for the microtrump, since no-one else would ever manage to reach 1 otherwise.

US government wants Microsoft 'Irish email' case reopened


What happens the day China takes a leaf out of USA's playbook and demands that the Chinese subsidiary of Boeing gives them information located at the US office of Boeing? Would USA still think this is a good idea?

Windows 10 pain: Reg man has 75 per cent upgrade failure rate


Re: R61

I wasn't planning on downvoting you, and I wasn't one of the original ones, but "seems it attracts only idiots" deserve two.

UK govt to launch a tech creche for military-focused startups


Maybe make bomb detectors? I'm sure the MOD is interested in that.

The ‘Vaping Crackdown’ starts today. This is what you need to know


Re: So the bar is now much higher for e-cig makers

Not even close to that...

How Microsoft copied malware techniques to make Get Windows 10 the world's PC pest


Re: Finally confirmed my belief...

I wish I could downvote you more than once

What's next? FBI telling us to turn iPhones into pocket spy bugs? It'll happen, says Apple exec


Re: I totally agree with Mr. Cue here

I hope you're being sarcastic here

Cloud growth? Take a number, Microsoft. Two engines have stalled


Re: This'll be downvoted but...

Have you tried XBMC? It works wonders on my Raspberry Pi's

Happy new year, VW: Uncle Sam sues over engine cheatware


We should, but what does that have to do with this story?

Microsoft revamps its developer tools with a new cloud focus


Re: Monthly sub

isn't it even illegal not to do that?

No it isn't...

California cops pull over Google car for driving too SLOWLY


Re: Ran this through Google Translate:

If by decision processing you mean the fleshy bits inside, then maybe you are right. If the cars were going 60mph, the humans inside wouldn't have time to react if the car did something stupid.

Self-driving vehicles might be autonomous but insurance pay-outs probably won't be


Re: Snow, Rain, Slightly cloudy?

What kind of car models would that be...?

Mine works quite perfectly in all weather conditions so far. I haven't tried in a blizzard (yet), but I will probably not use cruise control in those conditions anyways.

Laser razor binned from Kickstarter resurfaces on Indiegogo


Re: "Skarp Technologies"

It's swedish for "sharp"

BlackBerry emits Android mobe as biz goes down the Priv


I might actually buy one of these, if the price isn't horrible and if it supports memory cards.

Driverless cars banished to fake Michigan 'town' until they learn to read


Re: Top Gear

Like this? :)

Ant-Man: Big ideas, small payoff


Re: Hooray for Hollywood

Nope, then they'll blame piracy.

What's black, sticky, and has just 8GB of storage?


Re: Ok, a semi-serious question...

You could always get a Raspberry Pi for a fraction of the price, fill up a thumb drive with game files and plugging in a suitable controller.

There are premade SD card images for the purpose.

Driverless cars deal death to Detroit, says Barclays


Re: Not really

I'm guessing longer average driving distances (so less short runs, and having the engine run at operating termperature for longer periods) and a lot less salt on the roads (do Australia ever salt roads?) makes cars last longer


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