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Dalek designer Ray Cusick passes away aged 84



Dr, Who?

Prisoner found with phone + charger in anal cavity


Antenna Problems?

Hey, has anyone seen my charging cable? I'll bet the antenna issue is far worse up there too. Guess he brought the charging cable cause he did not think battery life would last that long up there either.

German website offers custom cow killing


Unsuspecting? Not for long

I could almost buy that, except for the fact that at some point, the bovine network is going to pick up on the fact that their brothers are dropping in the field. I would think they would pick up on the large pools of blood and the linger smell of death in the air.

At least with common practice today, they get to feed in peace (aka stress-free) in the open field - but when they figure out that they cannot even feed without fear of the reaper, the stress level will shoot up worse than it is today. Not to mention the hit to global warming when the blood infused field grasses start to burn out.

Apple's ex-cop and the case of the lost iPhone 5


Big Brother

Have we slid so far down the slippery slope that the police will now sanction a Corporate search of personal property? The LOSS of your PERSONAL property does not confer your right to search someone else's personal property. Did Steve Jobs sanction that action? Is that his last earthly attempt to hold on to power? Well I can tell you Apple can suck it (to the core) for that.

EDS mainframe goes titsup, crashes RBS cheque system


Cheque is in the Mail

hehe. knowledge transfers have taken place. the remaining staffing plan sank like a bric (sic).

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