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FTC and DoJ will fight for the right to rule on YaMicrohoosoft!

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chair tossing and monkey dancing...

The only clear winners if this deal gets green lighted are the analysts, lawyers, investment bankers and inevitable legions of executive consultants tasked with the doomed mission of making the thing fly.

Ballmer should stick to chair tossing and monkey dancing...

MiYahoo's future rests with open source and courage

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good article

Hey its great to finally read an article by someone who understands that building a world leading web service isn't just as simple as putting number 2 and 3 together on paper and gaining market share.

At least AOL / Timewarner made sense as a synergy (distribute Warners' movies and music to AOL's subscriber base).

Yahoo! and Microsoft have many like for like products/services and are nearly diametrically opposed in terms of the technology. Attempting to merge the two would be at best a bloodbath and in the worse case a disaster.

"(Microsoft) would need to move far away from its own proprietary software. The software/service provider would have to tap into the open source work done by Yahoo! and embrace the vibrant open source world where, frankly, the really interesting web infrastructure technology is being built.

In so doing, Microsoft would send a clear message to many of its largest customers. "A Microsoft-based web infrastructure is probably not the most economical or exciting path for you to take."

Exactly. However one suspects Microsoft's strategy is not to adopt Yahoo! but to cherry pick the choice bits, retool and re-badge them as an (inferior) .net / windows platform and eliminate the rest as competitors.

Yahoo!'s best hope for survival maybe to emulate Netscape, open source versions of their code and release it into the wild...

Microsoft! bids! $44.6bn! for! Yahoo!



On a business services level this play kinda makes sense (for M$ at least) - they get to advance from being a non-starter to take a larger slice of the web-spheric application pie gaining additional value for the Live! initiative from Yahoo!'s portfolio gems Flickr, Delicious etc.

Then there would be a question of how to merge (or not) search, messenger, email, and mapping platforms. This is clearly driven by a belief in advertising as a revenue model.

But - proprietry vis a vis open source; linux/unix - windows; php/python/c - asp/c#/.net; mysql - sql server.... nightmare! arrrgh...

This could be the iceberg that sinks M$ - lets hope they don't take Yahoo! down with them...

UK gov issued 250k snoop licences in nine months


Watching the Watchmen

Richard Stallman's brilliant summary of this issue resonates with my own feeling -


I heard that the first group to seek exemption from the new surveillance powers were the very same elite group of senior figures who sought to impose the controls - apparently they were concerned that details of their dodgy financial dealings, extra marital affairs and/or children's drug habits might be brought under unwanted public scrutiny.

EU president sets green plans in stone


Aviation Emissions

I believe Climate change is real and is occuring directly as a consequence of the actions of humans. The skeptics who prefer to bury their heads in the sand or take the side of the pro-pollution lobby would do well to read this faq - http://royalsociety.org/page.asp?id=6229

It's interesting listening to the lies, misinformation and bad science being put out by those with interests in aviation, automobiles, non-renewable power and big oil. Kinda reminds me of the hopeless campaign launched by the tobacco industry once the health consequences of smoking became widely known.

Israel electric car project aims to wipe out oil

Paris Hilton


a glass of champagne and sex in a private compartment as the countryside whizzes past at ~350km/per hour on a train with equally fast wifi all powered by the smooth hum of nuclear-electric....

since i moved to France my days of traveling long distance distance by car are over.

paris : because she likes to ride up and down the eiffel tower.

Home Sec in anti-terror plan to control entire web


a spectacular success

the best hope is that they outsource the project to large global corporate offshoring company (tm) and it succeeds as spectacularly well as all those other ill conceived billion pound government IT projects...

how much tax payers money are the home office paying to receive this facist hot air?

the know how to make a bomb isn't the problem, deciding to use one in an act of aggression is.

Sun pulls MySQL into its orbit


good synergy...

imagine a 64bit mysql backend running on a 64cpu sunfire box with a 2tb distributed mysql cluster RAM cache up front serving the indexes... wire it up with low latency dolphin sci interconnects and an optimise the whole shebang to run on solaris....

then imagine a cluster of those!!!!!

Tom Cruise Scientology vid leaks onto net



why thankyou sir, that kind of publicity even money couldn't buy :)


(cheap publicity stunt || spin) | > /dev/null

why does anyone even give these morons a platform?


IBM's Power6 spotted bashing Oracle at 4.7GHz


Network / Disk IO a bigger factor in DB perf

Unless you are doing heavy calculations in the DB TPS and Throughput are far more likely to be bottlenecked by your network and disk speed.

If you want something really, really fast and massively scaeable for certain classes of problem an in memory MYSQL CLUSTER plus a native threaded c++ NDB api client (eg. mod_ndb) easily beats everything else out including the commercial offerings for performance.

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